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homemade run, homemade bread

Hello! A flower to brighten your day.IMG_3603Plus a sunrise.IMG_3601I started running quite early this morning, in order to sneak in a couple miles before I met up with East Nasty IMG_3609We did a fast 5k together. I guess I’ll never have to worry about finding good spots for hill repeats in my new hood.IMG_3619After the official route ended, I did two more with a few other club members.IMG_3610It was a hot and sweaty run! I almost stopped and took a rest in this chair, but I didn’t want to ruin its plush leather lining.IMG_3604After the group split up, I headed home on a two-mile journey to hit ten miles even. Good start to the day!IMG_3620Another good way to kick off your morning… home.made.bread.homemade breadAnthony’s parents got us a bread maker as a housewarming gift, and it has transformed my life.homemade bread Bye-bye, overpriced and boring store bread… hello, super cheap and super delicious homemade loaf.homemade breadFor my first batch of bread, I kept it simple and made a basic white blend (with some poppyseeds thrown in for fun). Tasted great with a bit of butter and a side of bacon :)homemade loaf of breadFor my second loaf, I got a little adventurous (with the help of Anthony’s mom, who is a breadmaking pro), and did a white/rye/chickpea flour mix with sunflower seeds, flax, sesame seeds, and chia. It was pretty intense.homemade breadAnd oh so delicious! Have a great day!

  • Do you have a bread machine?!
  • Last time you spotted street furniture?
  • Random question – have you ever seen a wild dog? (We saw one today and it was freaky.)

10 thoughts on “homemade run, homemade bread

  1. Ahhhh there is almost nothing better than homemade bread, but you are right….it is best out of a bread machine….I have been making bread without one, and I have done very well, but I know it would be a lot easier with one! Yum! And nice running this weekend :)

    • i thought it would be more labor intensive, but making bread is super easy! i am shocked. you should get a bread maker :)

    • it’s quickly making its way to my top favorite kitchen gadgets (behind my vitamix, slow cooker, and OXO garlic press….)

  2. I love my bread machine. Only downside is that the loaves are so good, they never last more than a day in our house! Your bread looks delicious!