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sweaty mary’s review of Sweaty Betty

Speedy start to the day.IMG_3628Even though I felt a bit sluggish at track today (because I’m sore from a TRX class I did THREE days ago…), I also felt quite fast (and fashionable) in this new top from Sweaty Betty.sweaty_betty_tank_IMG_3630
Sweaty Betty is a British fitness clothing line that aims to mix feminine and sporty. I’d say my pretty Athlete Workout Tank was just that!

The top was light, breathable, and form-fitting but not overly tight. I’d read that the sizing at Sweaty Betty runs on the larger side, so I ordered an extra-small (usually I’ll go for a plain small) which fit just right. The tank is pretty long in the torso, which would make it especially good for bending-down and stretching activities like yoga, barre, etc. And good for seven 1,000-meter sprints, which is what I did.
The most unique thing about this top compared to some of my other running gear is its fabric, which is “polyester elastane.” It’s super lightweight, and has sort of a swimsuit-like look and feel. Not necessarily in a bad way, though — apparently, polyester is top-ranked for sweat-wicking. Under Armour also uses polyester elastane (and now that I think of it, this shirt’s material is quite similar to my Baltimore marathon race tee’s material).sweaty_betty_tank_IMG_3627Sweaty Betty’s clothing is a little pricier than average (this tank was $55 + shipping), which I’m guessing is because of the company’s focus on quality and, of course, because they have to ship stuff from London. I’d say it’s a good alternative for ladies who usually shop at Lululemon.

I can say that I got quite sweaty during my track workout today, and that my Sweaty Betty top held up just fine! Some shirts get really heavy and saggy when drenched in sweat (nice, right?!) but this one didn’t :) In fact, this shirt did the opposite of sag — it actually sort of rode up, which is my only criticism of it. But then again, I think most tighter-fitting tops ride up a bit more as I ran (as you can see below), so maybe that’s just life.sweaty_betty_tank_IMG_3638All in all, I’d say I was pretty happy with the tank and would shop at Sweaty Betty if they had a shop nearby. Thanks to Sweaty Betty for this review opportunity!

In other news, last night we went to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner with my SISTER and her fam, who are visiting from Colorado. They’re going to be around for the next couple of weeks. Yay!!

Fun fact: I used to be a hostess at Logan’s in high school. I did it partially to make money, but mostly I worked there so that I could eat unlimited quantity of these buttery rolls…P1010831Fun times. Eight years later, I’m still impressed with this restaurant’s massive-sized dinners and giant buckets of free peanuts. What a great establishment.P1010837PLUS, Logan’s has free fireflies outside that provide hours of entertainment :)P1010846
See you tomorrow!

  • What athletic brands do you stick to for clothing?
  • Do you do wear different clothes for running vs. for yoga etc?
  • Are you freaked out by bugs or do you like them?!

9 thoughts on “sweaty mary’s review of Sweaty Betty

  1. I like Lulu for spandex even though it is expensive and Gap for tops because you can always get a great deal (40% off). I also dabble with all the running brands – Reebok, Asics, and Nike. I wish I could indulge in all running clothes but it get’s so expensive. Sometimes I find cute tops from Target too :)

    • i used to wear gear from target and old navy, but now that i’ve felt the difference in quality with nike, aerie, gap fit, etc, i can never go back! ha

  2. I have heard a lot of good stuff about Sweaty Betty, and I know an elite friend of mine is sponsored by them, and loves them! Love that top of yours, very cute! I am loyal to my sponsor; Saucony, and I really think they are doing a great job of making runner clothes that are well thought out and comfortable!

    • i’ve actually never worn saucony clothing, but i’m sure it’s fab! yeah, sweaty betty seems like a very cool brand too.

  3. I have to wear different clothing for yoga and running–for running I really like things to be a little bit looser, which doesn’t work during down dog…..unless everyone wants to see my tummy! And there are some tops I wear for yoga that will ride up during running. HOWEVER, I DO have some tops that I can use for both…. :) Maybe I should just buy all of that brand…I think it’s Target or something 😀