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coffee break + my writing process

Happy Friday!! This is where I usually share a few sentences about my morning run and last night’s dinner, but I’m actually going to switch things up today and just sit down and have a cup of coffee with you. Then I’m going to share like 100 sentences, without many photos at all! I guess I’m feeling chatty. Hope you don’t mind._DSC0036
First, a few things I’ve been reading lately…
  • This very helpful comparison of different marathon training programs. Now that I don’t have a coach, I’m looking into different training plans to get a grip on my mileage for the summer. I probably will do a hybrid of Daniels, Higdon, and FRIST (with more focus on Daniels, my hero).
  • This interesting video on what “run like a girl” (and other “like a girl” phrases) means to different people.
  • This health-ified take on ranch dressing
  • This article discussing how long marathon training plans should go (they say 20 weeks, I say more like 12…)

Second, I’m joining part of a blog “writing process tour” that tours different blogs and offers insight into how and why different bloggers write what they do. Phillip from Southern Fatty invited me to participate, and I said sure why not?! It’s fun to see how other bloggers write and have some nice quiet reflection time here on minutes per mile.

Below are my answers to some questions about my writing process (“process” defined quite loosely, ha). So if you ever wonder things like who is this freak writing all this junk about running and street furniture, and why the heck is she publishing it to the internet? then maybe you’ll be interested in reading!

If not, skip to the cheeseburger photo at the end of the post.

1. What are you working on?

Right now, I’m working on staying sane while balancing a new home, new city, and new job… and also enjoying married life, blogging, training for a marathon, and doing freelance work. I’m also perfecting my bread-baking skillz and melting my brain with The Bachelorette.

Regarding this blog specifically, I’m working on upping the design and functionality of minutes per mile. It’s been almost a year since I took the plunge to self host my blog, and now I think I’m ready to bring in a more professional design and layout to keep things looking pretty and organized! Does anyone know any good (and cheap) web designers…?

2. How does your work differ from others of its type/genre?
I know that one thing that used to set my blog apart was its vast collection of street furniture photos — but when I moved to Arlington, VA and then to Brentwood, TN, I unfortunately didn’t find as much crap on the streets. Bummer. But NOW that I’m back in a city, I’m finding lots of fun street stuff again!

Speaking of the move, I want to stop the tour momentarily to say thanks to everyone who stuck around to follow me in blog land to Tennessee! I actually lost a fair few readers and subscribers when I left DC (which is totally fine but sort of soul shattering and utterly heartbreaking at the same time…), so I appreciate all of you who have kept reading even though I’m a southerner now.

I’ll also answer this one by saying that I hope my blog stands out for being authentic. I try to keep it real so I hope that comes through. I know that I personally enjoy reading blogs that have a natural, non-fairytale feel to them, so that’s what I I try to strive for, too!

3. Why do you write what you do?

I’m usually 90% asleep when I write my posts between 5 and 7 a.m., so I can’t really give much reason behind anything written here. So with that in mind, I guess I write what I do because I simply like to write and I also like to run and cook. So, writing about running and cooking just makes sense. I actually work as a writer by day, so you’d think I’d run out of things to say… but no.

4. How does your writing process work?

I’m always writing my blog posts in my mind — and often draft them in my head while I’m on a run! I typically write an entire post all at once, in less than 30 minutes. That’s why you’ll spot the more-than-occasional typo :). I prefer to blog in the morning right after a run while everything’s still fresh in my mind. I’d also say that part of my “process” is looking for and thinking of new recipes to try, so that I always have new foods to share with you guys.

And that’s it! Let me direct you to the next two bloggers in the tour, if you want to keep following:

• My DC readers might be familiar with Chelsea, over at Chelsea Eats Treats. She writes some super fun posts about everything food- and fitness-related, with a lot of fun stuff about DC life in between.
• In Nashville, I’ve recently started reading Ashley’s (aka The Nashvillian‘s) blog. Ashley writes about local events, fashion, food, and whatever else seems to be on her mind. Her beautiful photos make her upbeat and reflective writing even stronger.

and as promised, here’s the burger. IMG_3643(yes, that’s an onion ring within the burger). Yesterday’s lunch was too good not to share!

Have a FAB weekend!

18 thoughts on “coffee break + my writing process

  1. If anything, I’ve only become a more dedicated reader since you moved to Tennessee. I like this post :)

    • Me too! I don’t get to see your smiling face on Saturday mornings in person anymore, so I read here so we can still be friends! (I don’t blog, so I guess it’s a very one-way friendship.)

  2. I write “draft” my posts in my mind to and then just go on and type away!
    But I was so sad when I found out you were moving from DC! I am going to GW next year and I was looking forward to meeting a blend, haha! One day 😉

  3. I’m in the process now of moving my blog far away from blogger. It’s SO much to think about and I’m definitely overwhelmed. I’ve found a lot of great, professional looking themes/ designers online that aren’t too expensive. As much as I’d love to hire someone to do a custom design, I certainly can’t spend that much money right now.

    I can’t wait to see your new look!

    • yeah, a lot of times it can be quite expensive. i’m pretty happy with my self-hosted site and semi-custom theme, but still want to change a few things about my blog! i never used blogger but am really happy with wordpress

  4. Found your blog while looking for “runspiration” as I settled to NGO life in Kampala, Uganda, a fairly polluted place that struggles to be runner friendly. Keep up the good work–will keep following no matter the city! 😀

    • haha, i actually have been running in kampala! i tripped while running over one of those fine dirt/dusty bridges that leads to the city markets and skinned my knees real bad. muzunga was looking pretty bad that day.

      it was pretty, though! so awesome that you are living there. good luck with your work and thanks for reading!

      • Haha! I love it. The number of times I have fallen on my face while running here is just ridiculous (and then for some reason, I get up and keep running like nothing happened?!?!). Glad I’m not alone! Thanks-good luck to you as you settle in too!

  5. Thanks for sharing this, it was very interesting to read and I do think that your blog has a very authentic feel to it. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog, I love reading runner perspectives from different parts of the country!

  6. I agree that your blog feels authentic! I like reading blogs of people I feel like I’d be friends with!
    And I’m so impressed that you write your posts between 5am and 7am. The only 2 things I am physically capable of doing then are sleeping and running

  7. I love reading your blog – can’t imagine unsubscribing because you changed locations! Besides, I hope to visit NashVegas someday (this year it didn’t work out as our vacation coincided with a HUGE conference…no rooms at any inns!). Plus, you’re a HUGE running inspiration to me, a more recreational runner.