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long run + lake life (weekend recap)

Hello!! How was your weekend? Mine was too short as always, and included a long run.IMG_3651On Saturday I set out super early to 1) beat the heat and 2) have time for a power nap and 3) hit the road to Winchester before it got too late. I was pretty groggy for the first five miles through the city…IMG_3652
Then Willie Nelson woke me up and told me to run faster!IMG_3653At mile 8, I picked Anthony up for some company :) We headed to Shelby Park to finish on a flatter, shadier note.IMG_3657Just because it was shady didn’t mean that we weren’t sweaty though. Anthony told me that Saturday was The Sweatiest he’d ever seen me. What a compliment!IMG_3656Pretty good run, especially considering the hilly start and humid air.IMG_3658After our run (and a power nap), we hit the road to Winchester, TN. Destination: my parents’ lake house, where these three kiddos were waiting._DSC0065We spent the day being whipped around on the waves…IMG_3661and then ate a big summer dinner with our families. _DSC0055Plus some mojitos. Lake life is the best!_DSC0042Now it’s time to kick off a four-day week, and then head back! Have a good one!

  • Favorite cocktail of all time?
  • Do you break up your runs, or do them all at once?
  • Highlight of your weekend?!

5 thoughts on “long run + lake life (weekend recap)

  1. I usually try to get my longer runs out all at once, but definitely welcome breaks if they’re needed!

    The highlight of my weekend was seeing our new apartment in North Carolina! We’re moving our stuff down there next weekend so that’s super exciting!

  2. What an awesome weekend! You really look like you live the life! I went to a wedding which was fun…and I had a few drinks, which I thought would make my long run feel hoooorrrriiibbllee, but it actually went well, and I managed to average under 7:00, which is a good start for me :) Glad you had a wonderful week, and you planned your drinks correctly….after your run haha

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend! I’m actually in a bit of a cocktail rut. I do enjoy a good bloody mary or mimosa. I branched out a bit this weekend and tried a peach sangria and an old fashioned, which also happened to be the highlight of my weekend. Generally, my long runs are all done at once, unless I’m training for an ultra relay; gotta get used to running on tired legs for those things.