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fast run, fast post, and whiskey kitchen

Hello!IMG_3689How’s your morning going? Mine got off to an early start with the East Nasty crew.IMG_3678Wednesdays are quickly becoming one of my favorite days to run. It’s so nice to have a bit of company to help the miles and the morning fly by!IMG_3684I covered a speedy 5.5 miles with the club, chatting away and enjoying the “cool” 80-some temperatures. IMG_3687Then I tacked on a few more fast ones in order to get home, shower, and knock out this post all in about 25 minutes. Being in a rush sure does help you pick up the pace!IMG_3691But don’t worry, I did stop to take a pic of this eclectic street furniture collection on 16th street. Get it while it’s hot.IMG_3690I have no time to think of a transition phrase, so:

Last night some girlfriends and I headed to Whiskey Kitchen.whiskey_kitchen_nashville_DSC0010After waiting for a table for more than an hour, a round of cocktails was in order…whiskey_kitchen_nashville_DSC0016as well as a larger-than-life order of nachos (which the manager kindly offered to cover, as an apology for our endless wait time). We were starving!!whiskey_kitchen_nashville_DSC0014I got the chicken BLT, which was just okay. As you can see it was mostly just bread. Also, I would say the fries were too wimpy and perhaps frozen at one stage (Nashville Scene agrees!). Nothing breaks my heart more than an undercooked fry. whiskey_kitchen_nashville_DSC0019 Even though Whiskey Kitchen was sort of meh, at least the company was good :). It’s nice to have a few friends in my new-yet-old home!

  • Locals: Favorite restaurant in Nashville?
  • Do you run with a dog or other pet? (like… a cat?)
  • How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Whiskey Kitchen on Urbanspoon:
Whiskey Kitchen on Urbanspoon

7 thoughts on “fast run, fast post, and whiskey kitchen

  1. Not a local, but was there for a long weekend a few months ago and my boyfriend’s brother took us to a place called Phat Bites. It was amazing! Very low key, line out the door, delicious food. Next door is an abandoned car wash that some legit graffiti artists have taken over for these amazing murals. Highly recommend checking out both.

    • HA, anything with Phat in its name MUST be good, right? just checked it out on Yelp and am adding it to my list. looks fun!

    • i almost ordered that! if only i could go back and relive it again. their ahi tuna also sounded good… not sure if i’ll add them to my black list, or give them another try in the future! luckily i have about 500 other nashville joints to check out in the meantime.

  2. I could probably get home, take a shower, and leave within 20 minutes, but there’s no way I could fit a blog post in there too. But maybe I’d run faster if I purposely started late every morning!

    • it’s the secret to success! another secret is showing up to work with dripping wet hair and no makeup.