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running with the police and cooking up a storm

Hello! It’s been an eventful morning. Anthony and I literally ran into a crime scene today:IMG_3703We arrived at the track in our neighborhood right after 6 a.m., and spotted a car with a shattered window. Thinking it had happened during the night, we didn’t get too alarmed — until a few minutes later, when we saw a bandit jump in the car, take a bunch of stuff, pop the trunk, and take a bunch more stuff.

At that point we decided we should probs call the cops.IMG_3702Unfortunately the robber rode off on his bike too fast for us to catch him, but hopefully we helped bring a bit of justice to the situation! The woman who owned the car was walking around the track when it happened and luckily had her phone and wallet on her (not in her car). I hope they catch that early-morning thief. What a jerk!

Anyways, after that event, my adrenaline was still strong enough to push me through some speed work.IMG_3695Four miles at a 6:40-45 pace, 1 minute rest in between. As you can tell I was pretty excited.IMG_3699Anthony spent a while chatting with the cops and then did some sprints of his own!IMG_3698Not only are we causing a scene at track, but we’re also causing a scene in the kitchen this week. After a couple months of not really cooking (while we were living with my parents and then living in a hotel!), I’ve come back to the kitchen in full force. This week’s experiments: buffalo chicken wraps, steak, and shrimp + grits.

The wraps have been a fun change on our usual sandwich/salad lunches! I pack them in pieces (meat in one container, veggies in another, wraps in foil) and then assemble a few minutes before eating.buffalo_chicken_wrap_DSC0046The lineup: this slow-cooker buffalo chicken + dry shredded coleslaw + avocado +tomato. Done!buffalo_chicken_wrap_22A couple tips: I added an onion to the super-easy slow cooker recipe, and just used the coleslaw dry (without any ranch/bleu cheese). I don’t think you really need it.

Yum!buffalo_chicken_wrap_DSC0041Up next: shrimp and grits! I guess we’re turning into true southerners._DSC0002This meal looks fancy, but it was actually pretty simple. We had some leftover veggies, a bag of cornmeal, and a bit of prosciutto to use, so there were my sides. Throw ’em on the stove top and let them sizzle (veggies) and simmer (grits)._DSC0003Fry up some shrimpies in Old Bay and you’re done in about 30 minutes. Dinner before 9 pm, finally!_DSC0005Only downside of this meal is that we had THREE pots/pans to hand wash after. I can never win!! :)

Stay safe out there!

  • Last time you called the cops?
  • Wrap or sandwich?
  • Has your car/home ever been broken into?


4 thoughts on “running with the police and cooking up a storm

  1. I can’t believe someone was bold enough to smash and grab like that early in the morning! That’s really really scary, and I’m glad the guy was only after stuff, and didn’t want to do anyone harm. What a jerk!

  2. That’s insane about the robber. It’s easy to assume your car will be safe at a local track at 6am! Hopefully she didn’t lose anything too valuable. I’ve never called the cops! Nor has anything of mine been broken into