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a run, a hike, and some eats

Hi again! Going three days without blogging was a bad idea. I’ve just got too much to share! Starting with this morning’s run:IMG_3822I headed to Shelby Park for a fast, flat outing. Two mile warm-up, three miles fast, two-mile cool down. I guess you could sort of categorize this as a longer tempo workout (like #4 listed here).IMG_3823The middle part was tough, but I got in the groove eventually! Times: 8:18; 8:26; 7:21; 7:13; 7:10; 8:15; 8:04.

Remember when people were “emo”? That’s sort of how I felt taking this silhouette selfie. If I still ran with music, I would have blasted some Dashboard Confessional.IMG_3825Overall, it was a lovely run — though I have to admit my hamstrings were sort of sore…from our HIKE on Sunday!
Anthony, his dad, and I journeyed to Buggytop Trail for a bit of adventure. I’ve never really been hiking, so I didn’t know what to expect!buggytop_trail_TN_IMG_3792The trail was ranked “moderate” which seemed just challenging enough for us. It wasn’t too difficult, but there were some steep, rocky bits that required some balance.buggytop_trail_TNIMG_3803The trail is an out-and-back route that turns around at a magical cave. I kept looking for a horcrux, but didn’t spot one 😉 (I’ve just referenced emo music and harry potter in a single post… how good can it get?)buggytop_trail_TNIMG_3808
Can you spot Anthony?!
Anthony’s dad is an entomologist, so he had his net out to catch some bugs. We didn’t find anything too crazy, but did manage to find a red beetle!buggytop_trail_TNIMG_3794The view from the highest point of the hike was pretty awesome too. Anyone afraid of heights?buggytop_trail_TNIMG_3813In the end we covered about five miles in two hours. Hiking is really different than running, i.e., it is slower and you get to stop and poke sticks at things. I’m a fan of both.

I’m also a fan of Big Marv’s barbecue (as you might recall reading here). So when we went to pick up 2 million pounds of pulled pork and baked beans this weekend, I finally mustered up the courage to ask Big Marv to pose for a photo with us.IMG_2388Southern food just brings people together.

And so does healthy food! :) (do you see my reflection in the spoon btw?!! so artistic)_DSC0103After a weekend of burgers, barbecue, cake, bacon, pancakes, donuts, candy, beer, cocktails, and mountains of Lay’s Stax (my family’s favorite chip), Anthony and I were ready to take it to the lighter side for dinner last night._DSC0101This leek and butternut squash soup (penned in 1993!) was so, so good. There are very few meals I make more than once (since I always want to try new ones), but I think this one will definitely become a repeat recipe.

We stuck to the recipe pretty closely — but, of course, added some fixins’. Bacon, parmesan, chives, and buttered bread :) Still healthy, right?!_DSC0107Okay, I’ll stop posting now. Until tomorrow.

  • Favorite emo band?
  • Last time you took a hike?!
  • Tips for tempo run routines?

4 thoughts on “a run, a hike, and some eats

  1. Hi Mary!
    Questions for ya – Do you ever run with headphones these days? What is your opinion on that? I’ve been using headphones for years but am tempted to get away from relying on them for every run.

  2. Great job on each mile of the tempo being a little faster. That’s what you want to aim for. Well done!

  3. I love tempo runs! They are my favorite speed workout!! Looks like you had a fun weekend! That soup looks amazing! I love hiking…last fun hike I went on was an all day 8 mile hike! It was so fun and exhausting! I would really love to go backpacking and hike for a couple of days and just camp in the woods. Yes, I am one of those weird people that enjoys being in the woods!