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july 4th weekend recap

Gooooooooood morning! Let’s start with pizza,_DSC0062just one of the delicious highlights of my weekend. How was yours?

We headed to my parents’ lake house to join my brother, sister, their families, my parents, and anthony’s parents. It was a full house!! We spent a lot of time sitting and chatting on the porch…_DSC0070(with food of course.)_DSC0092One of my favorite meals was the barbecue feast we had on Saturday._DSC0084I made a salad to go along! Lettuce, sundried tomatoes, olives, caramelized red onions, and roasted red peppers._DSC0065… and some feta which I added later :)_DSC0091Many drinks were had,IMG_3706and some miles were run!IMG_3742Anthony and I headed to the nearby state park to knock out an easy six on Saturday morning.IMG_3764I had a low mileage/recovery week planned for last week, so no long run over the weekend. Today I’m feeling rested and ready to tackle some tougher runs :)IMG_3759On Saturday we took a trip to Unclaimed Baggage, a quirky and huge discount store on the TN/AL border that’s full of random stuff and receives more than a million visitors a year.IMG_3771High-speed floppy drive, anyone?IMG_3772We didn’t buy much at unclaimed luggage, but we did buy some fireworks.IMG_3726
The kids got a real kick out of the sparklers, but I think my dad actually enjoyed them the most.2014-07-04I’m aware this post has gotten really long, so let me end with one last statement:_DSC0076Try grilling some okra. It will change your life.

Have a good day!

  • Did you light your own fireworks over the 4th?
  • Favorite food to grill?
  • How often do you take recovery/low mileage weeks?

6 thoughts on “july 4th weekend recap

    • hmmm, it tastes… hard to explain! not sweet but definitely not bitter. maybe sort of like a green bean, but not waxy. you should try em!

  1. We didn’t do fireworks, but I spent the 4th at a lakehouse too!
    Okra is one of the veggies I’ve never ever had

  2. Pizza sounds like a great place to start to me! You had a great weekend, I also did thank you :) As for recovery weeks, my coach has my plan set out all the way to October already to make sure I am peaked for the marathon, I think I have down weeks every 3-4 weeks to ensure my body is handling the training right. We want to get it right this time :) Glad you enjoyed yours!