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ten miler + tomato soup

I was so, so, soooo close to oversleeping today, but knowing that East Nasty was waiting finally got me out of bed. I’m glad I made it out there!IMG_3845The skies were ominous, and I stole someone’s plastic newspaper sleeve in case it rained on my iPhone. Whoops!IMG_3837Luckily the rain held off and I didn’t have to use the bag, which I guess just makes me a straight-up neighborhood thief. IMG_3855I covered six with the club on a route through the city. Good morning, NashVegas. You are really humid today.IMG_3846I also did two miles before and two after, for a total of ten. It was a big run, but a pretty good one!

On the food front, Anthony’s mom took over the kitchen last night and made a delicious Mexican tomato soup.southwest_tomato_soup_DSC0004The kidney beans gave it a heartier consistency, and we made sure to round out the meal with some carbs in the form of homemade bread:southwest_tomato_soup_DSC0010… and Red Stripe beer.southwest_tomato_soup_DSC0003Topped with cilantro, avocado, tomato, and sour cream…southwest_tomato_soup_DSC0007and finished off with an episode of The Bachelorette, which Anthony’s parents (who are Australian) are fascinated by. America!

  • What was your run like today?
  • How often do you oversleep?
  • Favorite type of bean?

4 thoughts on “ten miler + tomato soup

  1. I’m totally digging all the toppings on that soup. Making me hungry! I want to oversleep just about every weekday. Some days I’m good and get my workout in before work and some days that just doesn’t happen. :)

  2. Somewhere on the internet, a running blogger is writing about her exciting track workout that turned exciting when she had to call the cops on the neighborhood newspaper sleeve thief! Who knew there was so much stealing and cop-calling on the Nashville running scene? :)