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my love/hate running relationship + my love/love burger relationship

Hi! I hope your day’s kicking off wonderfully. Mine started at the track, where luckily I didn’t spot a car break-in like I did last week :)IMG_3866Since running in circles is pretty straightforward, I get lots of time to think during my track workouts. One thing that randomly came back to me this morning was a chat I had with a blog reader in-person a while back. “You always look so happy to be running,” she said.IMG_3864I was totally flattered — but had to laugh, too! I told her no way, Jose. I’m definitely unhappy before and during plenty of my runs. I guess I always seem happy about them here in blogland because I’m writing after I finish, when I’m soaking up the post-run high.IMG_3865To break it down, here’s what my love/hate relationship looks like toward most of my workouts:

  • Tempo/fartlek/fast finish runs: Hate that I have to interrupt an easy outing with fast bursts of speed. Love that I can test out different paces and kind of re-create a race environment.
  • Mid-week long runs: Hate that my legs are usually pretty tired on these and that I have to wake up extra-early to do them. Love that I get to run with a group and feel super accomplished afterwards.
  • Track: Hate that I have to run in circles and really focus. Love that I get to run in circles and really focus. It’s weird.
  • Long runs: Hate that I have to wake up early on the weekend! But probably love these the most because I get to explore new parts of the city and meet new people and go at whatever pace I feel like.
  • Easy runs: Hate that sometimes they feel hard, even though they should be easy. Love that I can go as fast/slow as I want and run wherever I want.

Usually my feelings about each run start off on the hate side of things (especially when it’s 4:45 a.m., my alarm clock is blaring, and my legs are tired) and end strongly toward the love side (when I’m a sweaty but happy mess and saw a beautiful sunrise).

Though I clearly am an emotional basket case when it comes to running (just kidding about all of the above — the truth is that I’m half asleep when I do most of my runs and am completely numb), I’m always feeling the love when it comes to burgers.teriyaki_turkey_burger_DSC0027Anthony made his teriyaki turkey burgers last night. They were mind-blowing as usual. teriyaki_turkey_burger_DSC0024Fun fact: Anthony made these burgers during one of the first times we met! We had hung out a couple times and he invited me to a grill-out at his house. After I had a bite of this burger I knew he was a keeper.teriyaki_turkey_burger_DSC0032The secret is in the toppings and sauce, which include teriyaki sauce, beets, and pineapple! Yum.

That’s all for today! See you FRIDAY!

  • Do you have a love/hate relationship with running?
  • Does your significant other cook for you?
  • What was the last speed workout you did?



5 thoughts on “my love/hate running relationship + my love/love burger relationship

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with running too. Probably more hate moments than love moments, but the loves outweigh the hates.

    Haha I love that Anthony wooed you with a burger! :)
    My favorite time that Ryan cooked for me: It was my turn to bring cookies to my long Monday class, but I was WAY stressed out with studying, so Ryan offered to bake. He was on crutches from MCL surgery, so he hopped on one foot around the kitchen while I studied in his living room