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el jaliciense feast, followed by 15 miles

Hello and happy weekend! I can’t wait until Monday to share all the Mexican food and miles I’ve racked up in the past two days, so here you go.

On Friday I picked up Anthony from the airport (he’s back!), then picked up his parents at our house, and drove the crew straight to El Jaliciense.el_jaliciense_nashville_DSC0002I’d heard that this hole-in-the-wall taco shop was really authentic and delicious, so had to give it a try.

We started off with some guac and drinks. Have you ever tried a michelada? It’s a beer/lime/spicy thing — sort of like a bloody Mary. It was fun to try, but I think I’ll stick with plain beer in the future._DSC0015Especially because El Jaliciense serves “familiar”-sized beers that ginormous in size. Look, there’s a lizard on Anthony’s head!_DSC0009Back to the beers: Anthony’s parents are loving American (or Mexican, I guess?)-sized drinks._DSC0011
The FOOD.el_jaliciense_nashville_DSC0023We went a bit overboard and basically ordered the whole menu. Everything was so, so good! Fresh cilantro, lime, and avocado was on top of everything — and warm, soft corn tortillas were stacked high next to each plate.

The ceviche tostada was delicious, as Yelp reviews said.el_jaliciense_nashville_DSC0017The real star of the night was the tacos, though. They were so flavorful (and a total steal, at less than $2 each!) Chorizo was our favorite.el_jaliciense_nashville_DSC0024El Jaliciense, I love you. We’ll be back soon!

All the beer and tortillas made for a wonderful long run the next day 😉IMG_3880I met up with the PR Bandits to explore the beautiful Belle Meade neighborhood. We set off bright and early before the heat set in, making our way through some shady back roads.IMG_3894Around mile 4 we entered Radnor Lake park, which was so gorgeous. You actually can’t run or bike on the trails around Radnor Lake, but you can run on the road right alongside the park!IMG_3885The park was so peaceful and… natural? I sort of want to take a yoga mat and some Enya there and find my zen. Or just go back and pound out more miles under the huge trees that line the streets.

Anyways. At mile 5.5, my running buddy Rayna and I stopped for scenic shots of Gu…IMG_3891and then headed back until we finished the 11-mile route.IMG_3881Then I parted ways with the Bandits to tack on four final miles solo. The last mile was a bit hot and slow, but I felt pretty good overall. Done!IMG_3898Thanks for a great run, PR bandits!

Now it’s time to see what Sunday has in store. I know there’s a Costco trip on the agenda, and I am way too excited at the thought of buying paper products in bulk.

  • Did you do a long run this weekend?
  • Locals: Favorite Mexican restaurant?
  • Ever tried a michelada?

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7 thoughts on “el jaliciense feast, followed by 15 miles

  1. Long run will prolly be a little short this week- this southern heat is getting to me! Your Mexican meal looks amazing- I am in love with Chueys! Btw, what is your average weekly mileage? I think it’s so awesome you can get so many quality runs in per week!

    • thanks!! i’ve never tried chuey’s but want to! weekly mileage sort of depends on what i’m training for and where i am in training — anywhere from 12 miles (recovery after a marathon) to 25ish (low mileage week) to 55 (high mileage week) :)