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when should you “retire” from running? and cheese.

Morning! Add this article from Runner’s World to your morning news lineup:Capture4

I thought the average race times were interesting, but the average ages more surprising. Apparently the 33-36 years are the time to race!

I don’t know how long I’ll be running marathons, but I have a feeling I might “retire” to the half after I have kids (or at least for a while.) But then again, who knows — apparently women in their 30s also peak in speed and strength. When do you think you’ll cut back on running, or stop altogether?

I might stop running one day, but I’ll never stop eating cheese._DSC0040This past weekend was our last weekend with Anthony’s parents (they’re leaving in a few days), so we went all out with a wine and cheese feast on Saturday night.

The endless amount of food was so beautiful that we had to pose with it. _DSC0046
It’s been really fun having family around for the past few weeks!_DSC0043So fun that we stayed up way too late drinking (more) wine last night and missed our run this morning :). I’ll be back with sunrise photos tomorrow, promise…

  • At what age do you think you’ll stop or cut back running?
  • Where are your in-laws from?
  • Important question: favorite type of cheese?!

9 thoughts on “when should you “retire” from running? and cheese.

  1. Interesting question! I’ll probably stick to half marathons and shorter races after having kids…but then again, my priorities will probably change around and maybe I’ll just want to run for fun. I’m banking on eventually being neighbors with a stroller running partner.

  2. My body said “enough” at 28. I’ve pushed through the past few years even gotten a little faster, but my training is mostly by bike anymore.

    Now at 32, I’ve recently considered full “retirement.” Managing not getting injured has become a full-time concern. Enjoyment has become secondary.