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7 miles, 6 mojitos, 2.5 pounds of spinach

Thick grey skies today.IMG_3919At least my neighbor’s awesome rainbow fence added a pop of color to my morning!IMG_3920Speaking of home design, I promise I’ll give you guys a tour of our new house in the next couple months — as soon as we finish unpacking, painting, and finding furniture!

Anyways, back to this morning’s run. I covered a quiet seven miles with a loop through the park.IMG_3916Around the lake…IMG_3917and then back on the big, empty roads. I was happy to be outside (until I ran into a giant swarm of gnats — 100 went into my mouth and 500 got stuck outside and inside my shirt. Fun.)IMG_3915I started drafting this post at 5 a.m. — is that too early for a mojito?_DSC0059Anthony whipped up six of these babies the other night for our little dinner party. Both of our parents have been helping out a LOT with our move, so we definitely owed them a nice meal!_DSC0081Steak it was._DSC0079Plus roasted carrots, grilled bread, and 2.5 pounds of spinach._DSC0063If all those greens don’t make you smile, I’m not sure what will. Have a great day!

  • Favorite Costco/Sam’s purchase?
  • Is your house a neutral color or a bright color?
  • Last time you ate a bug?


7 thoughts on “7 miles, 6 mojitos, 2.5 pounds of spinach

  1. I buy my salad greens in a giant bag from costco (there’s a spinach/kale/mixed greens bag that I like) and I still go through it super fast. I think that probably means my salads are way too big, but I’m ok with that 😉

    Love the rainbow fence!

  2. You make me reallllly want to get a Costco/ SAMs membership. I’m scared if I do then ill end up buying things that I don’t really need but can’t resist because it’s such a great deal. Hah. Maybe soon though.

    When I first bought my house a few years ago, I painted ALL of the walls. Now I kind of want to paint them white again.

    • haha we are painting everything. it’s fun!! we are using my parents’ costco card with them when they’re in town (every 2-4 weeks), so we’re limited to how often we can blow all of our cash on ginormous stuff. it’s a good system!

  3. Oh my those mojitos look amazing. Did Anthony muddle other fruit too to add?

    I don’t go to Costco ever because I do not have a memborship but when my parents come to visit I always make sure to make a few requests – large box (2 bags) of oats and large bag of walnuts. The bag of walnuts is $20 but I use them in everything – salads and yogurt!

    Side Note: Today I nominated you as an inspirational blogger. I have read your blog for awhile now (before I started blogging) and have look forward to your posts everyday. I never know what random furniture I will see ha! Also, I am obsessed with both DC and Nashville – those are the two cities I have ran my marathons in! Thank you for the support on my blog as well – I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy reading yours.

    • thanks so much! what an honor! i’m lucky to have lived in dc and nashville — i agree, both cities are pretty great :). the mojitos look a little weird in color because we used brown coconut sugar instead of white sugar! other than that, they’re pretty standard — just lime, seltzer, mint, and rum :)