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i’m getting old and eating lasagna

Good morning! LASAGNA!!!!!lasagna_DSC0004Anthony’s mom cooked a final meal for us (they leave tomorrow, but we’re having Mexican food tonight of course) and went all out with one of her signature dishes :)lasagna__DSC0007A glass of red was in order!
And a salad, which included a classic combo: strawberries + balsamic vinegar.strawberry_salad_DSC0011I’m always up for a pasta dinner — especially when I have ten miles on the menu for the following morning!IMG_3925Today I met up with East Nasty for our regular Wednesday morning run.IMG_3930It was nice and cool out, which felt lovely after a few days of humidity. I still kept a steady, slower pace, though — for some reason my hips and right foot were feeling a bit achy today? Maybe I’m getting old (Anthony, this is me reminding you that my birthday is coming up soon… mwhahaha)

I’m in much better shape than this mattress on McFerrin Ave., though.IMG_3926In other important Nashville news, the Shelby Park lake has an eerie fog over it. Haunted?IMG_3931After I parted with the club at mile 8, I ran the last two miles home and made myself a smoothie. The end.

Have a fantastic day, friends!

  • Favorite Weird Al song (see lasagna link)?
  • Have you ever been somewhere that you thought was haunted?!!!
  • Anyone else’s birthday coming up?


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