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continuing track and our tour of mexican food on gallatin ave.

Hello! It’s a sunny Thursday morning, so why not head to the track? I almooooosssst overslept today, but am glad I got out there before the heat set in.IMG_3944Two 2-mile reps, with a 2-minute rest in between! I should have run in lane 2 to keep the theme going, but I chose lane 1 instead.IMG_3941Goal pace was 6:55 for each mile. I was nervous about whether I could pull it off when it came to the final four laps, but I did it and felt oh so accomplished. It’s the little things!

Pictures of the black oval track are pretty boring, but I did find an interesting sight in the parking lot. Abandoned spoon.IMG_3945Moving on to our next big event (really, this blog is full of need-to-know educational info…)

After trying Las Maracas and El Jaliciense, Anthony and I continued our Tour de Los Restaurantes Mexicanos del Gallatin Pike last night. At Las Fiestas!las_fiestas_nashville_DSC0002We didn’t get a “margarona” like the sign suggested, but Anthony did get a margarita which he said was the best he’s had of the three Gallatin Ave. places we’ve tried thus far.las_fiestas_nashville_DSC0009The chips (cheeeeeps!) were also really tasty. Whenever a chip glistens with oil, I know I’ll like it! :)las_fiestas_nashville_DSC0005The grease got a little too serious for me when it came to the actual food, though. As you can see, I basically ordered a plate of cheese and oil…las_fiestas_nashville_DSC0012with a sad plate of simple tacos on the side. These tacos definitely don’t compare to the ones I had at El Jaliciense! I wonder if Las Fiestas actually placed my order at the Taco Bell around the corner?las_fiestas_nashville_DSC0022Anyways, even though my order was a bit of a fail, Anthony’s fajitas were sizzling good.las_fiestas_nashville_DSC0019We’ll definitely be back to Las Fiestas for drinks and chips, but we prefer El Jaliciense when it comes to food.

The spotlight of last night’s dinner, though, was actually our company. It was Anthony’s parents’ last night with us! They’ve been here for about four weeks and have been so much fun to host.

Today they start their journey back to Australia, where Mexican food supply is limited.IMG_3939We stuffed their suitcases with chips and salsa.

Have a wonderful day, amigos!

  • Do you like Mexican-Mexican food, or Mexican-American?
  • Do you have any family that lives overseas?
  • What was your track workout this week?

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7 thoughts on “continuing track and our tour of mexican food on gallatin ave.

  1. Mexican food (authentic, “authentic” or “American” — let’s be honest those are three separate categories) is easily my favorite cuisine because AVOCADO goes on everything. I can get down with any food that requires mass amounts of avocado.

    Do you and Anthony visit his family in Australia? (Sorry I just started reading/following a few months ago and haven’t really gone through the archives… this might have been covered in the past!)

  2. I love mexican – I could eat it 24/7 probably. In chicago I still haven’t found the hole in the wall mexican that I love so much. It is more fancy mexican will tiny tacos. Don’t get me wrong that is good too but sometimes you just want the cheesy mexican that isnt the most healthy :)

  3. Great job on the mile repeats! I’m having issues hitting that pace for 800’s right now, so I’m jealous of your speediness!

    Living in New Mexico, we have A LOT of Mexican to choose from, but NEW Mexican food is a little different than the Mexican food you find in the rest of the country, and is much different than the food you find in Mexico. In any case, those tacos would not go over well here.

    • haha – is new mexico where they eat sonoran dogs all the time, or is that arizona?! :)
      i actually couldn’t have done miles that fast either a year or so ago. i think what made me get faster at track was 1) being more consistent going and 2) monitoring rest/recovery times between reps.