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Morning!!!! Would you like a fancy coffee? :)_DSC0058Anthony’s parents gave us a wonderful Breville espresso machine as a housewarming gift. It makes some seriously delicious coffee that pairs wonderfully with bacon._DSC0055Anthony and I have a little tradition in our little family called Big Stack of Bacon Sunday. It’s been going strong for almost a year!

What else have we been eating? On Friday I found a pork tenderloin in our freezer. It’s sort of like finding a $20 bill you forgot in your back pocket, but way better. (Did anyone else just imagine a pork tenderloin in your pocket? That would be uncomfortable)

Anyways. I covered it in herbs and baked it up in 20 minutes. Delish!_DSC0025Paired with some roasted potatoes and carrots and salad and WINE._DSC0007I’ve been on a white wine vinegar salad dressing kick, but Friday I went back to my old friend balsamic for a nice change._DSC0012Aerial dinner shot? Okay._DSC0020After dinner, Anthony and I watched the LEGO movie and it was probably one of the happiest and funniest things I’ve watched in a long time. Go rent it!

On Saturday I woke up super early to go on a run with the PR Bandits, but it was raining, I was sleepy, and Anthony and I decided that a 6 am trip to Home Depot sounded better.IMG_3966We have a ton of house projects going on and decided that an early start would be the best way to knock out yesterday’s to-do list.

Don’t worry – the rain cleared up a few hours later and I was able to get my run in.IMG_3973I ran over the railroad tracks to make my way to Shelby Park…IMG_3971I’ve never done and more than 4-5 miles out in Shelby Park, so was curious to see what the rest of the trails held.

One thing I found was a massive pile of metal junk.IMG_3976And the other thing I found was this random suburb that takes over the trail around mile 5.5.IMG_3975I cruised through the hood for a while, and then turned around and headed back!IMG_3977By mile 14, the heat and humidity had set in and I had to run uphill to get home… so that was sorta tough. But I made it!IMG_3979I definitely missed having company on this long run, but overall it wasn’t so bad.

And the Brewer’s Festival that followed wasn’t so bad either. _DSC0041Recap coming tomorrow!

Have a lovely Sunday!!

  • What’s the longest run you’ve done solo?
  • Most money you’ve ever randomly found? (Once I found a $100 bill in a used book that I bought, no kidding)
  • Random: Does anyone have any eggplant recipes? I need to cook an eggplant today and don’t know what to do.

6 thoughts on “weekend thus far

    • wow, that’s impressive! i tried audiobooks once but got too distracted. that was years ago, though… maybe i’ll give it another shot!

  1. I love pork tenderloin and you are so right, finding it in the freezer is like finding a $10 bill in your laundry :) My longest run alone was 16 miles last year for MCM training and it SUCKED! I have become so dependent on my running buddies to get me through a long run!!

  2. I’ve run 22 miles alone… I almost always train alone, which is maybe weird, but it works! Not saying it’s always easy, though…

    • haha, thanks! it’s from CB2 — one of our favorite stores! chairs are from Overstock.com. we do a lot of online shopping :)