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A Monday Run + Music City Brewer’s Festival

Happy Monday. I have two treats for you.

1. This lovely metal sculpture stapled to a pole on Gallatin AvenueIMG_39852. This stunning chair on the corner of 7th and Fatherland. Get it while it’s still available! :)IMG_3988Other than these two gems, everything was looking pretty much the same on this morning’s run. I kept an easy pace for my hour-long jog — yesterday Anthony and I went to a TRX class, and I’m embarrassingly sore! IMG_3991Looking good, Nashville.IMG_3989How was the rest of your weekend? Our Sunday was pretty relaxed and involved a ton of cookies.IMG_3982And our Saturday ended with a ton of beer at the MAFIAoZA’s Music City Brewer’s Festival!music city brewers festival nashville tnThe event was packed, and the weather was nearly perfect — after a morning of rain, the clouds held off and kept us nice and cool. The beer warmed us up! :) We tasted a ton of different beers (but still weren’t able to sample all of the brews available… that would have been a LOT!). Some of our favorites: Abita’s “Andygator,” a high-gravity lager; SweetWater’s Waterkeeper; and Great Lakes Brewing Dortmunder Gold.

I was also excited to try the beer of Fat Bottom, a brewery located just down the road from us.music city brewers festival nashville tnA bit on the hoppy side, but pretty good!

And, of course, an old-time favorite of mine:music city brewers festival nashville tnSchlafly’s raspberry hefeiweizen was pretty tasty, but nothing will ever compare to their pumpkin ale. Their rep at the festival told me that the pumpkin ale hits shelves August first… my calendar is marked!

After quite a few tastes of beer, Anthony and I were more than ready to dig into some MAFIAoZA’s pizza._DSC0045Then we grabbed a few more beers (and some water!!), spread out our blanket, and listened to some music as the sun set. We didn’t dance quite as crazy as the two guys below did 😉music city brewers festival nashville tnAll in all it was a pretty fun event. Our only complaints were that water was hard to find, and the lines to the restrooms were long (but I guess that’s what happens when you give hundreds of people hundreds of beers?)! Other than that, we found that there was more than enough (like, way more than enough!) beer to sample and some tasty food options. I’d love to try the more intimate VIP Friday night session if I go again next year…
Nice ending to our Saturday. Thanks to the Brewer’s Festival team for having us!

  • Favorite beer?
  • Ever done a TRX class?
  • Locals: Have you been to Sinema and/or Rolf & Daughters? Menu recommendations?

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