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a tour of Nashville + a taste of Sinema

Hello! I have so much to show you. Starting with a sunrise!IMG_4005Today I did a little tour of Nashville. City capital (brings me back to my DC runs, which were full of monuments etc. Sigh.)IMG_4007and a little random trail I found! It doesn’t really go anywhere, but I was excited to jog on it for about 0.3 miles :)IMG_4009I wound up toward the west side of town…IMG_4012then took a stroll down Broadway before all the tourists woke up!IMG_4014Lastly, a little doll in the grass cheered me on at mile 9. She’s on 14th and Holly if you want to go say hi.IMG_4015I started out slow this morning, but picked it up toward the end! I think it was hot and I just wanted to get home ASAP.IMG_4016And that’s all I have to say about running for today. Moving onto FOOD! Well, actually more like drinks.

Last night I joined the Nashville Food Bloggers for a happy hour at Sinema, a gorgeous restaurant in the Melrose area.sinema_nashville_DSC0013The restaurant is new, but the space is old. Sinema exists inside the historic Melrose theater — how cool is that?sinema_nashville_DSC0015Inside, the restaurant is full of snazzy 1920’s-inspired decor. I’m considering putting some of this peacock wallpaper in our new house… Anthony, sound good to you?sinema_nashville_DSC0016
Downstairs, the main dining area has an elegant/romantic vibe with a “movie theater” theme, according to co-owner Sam Reed, who was super nice and clearly passionate about the restaurant BTW. This room makes me want wear bright red lipstick and drink a martini with my pinky up. sinema_nashville_DSC0045Upstairs, the lounge/bar theme is rock and roll. A bit brighter and funkier, with swanky sofas and a handsome bar. That’s where we hung out!sinema_nashville_DSC0022I sipped on a (strong!) “Mr. Untouchable” cocktail while chatting away with Leah from So, How’s it Taste?, Holly from Oh Hey, It’s Holly, Tracee from Lhyme, Karmen from Nutrition Adventures, Laura from The Table, and Kristin from Camels & Chocolate. Go check out their blogs!

The upstairs area is a great gathering spot — lots of open floor space, golden lighting, and fun movies playing on the walls!sinema_nashville_DSC0032Plus some really striking black-and-white shots from Robert Knight, famous music photographer.sinema_nashville_DSC0035A few apps were passed around — I was hoping to try the bread/butter sampler (because I love bread and butter) I’d seen on the menu, but instead had to endure a fried cheese puff and a mini spoon of steak. Tough times.sinema_nashville2014-07-21
My second drink of the evening was the “PS… I love you,” which was so refreshing and just slightly sweet. PS… I love you, whoever invented this cocktail.
And a “I love you” to the entire restaurant. I can’t wait to head back to Sinema for a full dining experience!

  • Are your runs mostly urban, rural, or suburban?
  • Cocktails: sweet? dry? strong?
  • Locals: Have you been to Sinema yet? Thoughts?

Sinema on Urbanspoon:
Sinema on Urbanspoon

9 thoughts on “a tour of Nashville + a taste of Sinema

  1. Most of my runs are urban because I run in DC during the week. On Saturdays I do a paved trail, and last Sunday I did a trail run (on dirt lol) for my long run. I really love trail runs. Definitely don’t do them enough!

  2. Hey! It was great to meet you at Sinema. I also am looking forward to a full dinner there. The space is lovely and the cocktails were tasty!