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sweet run + salty dinner {Rolf and Daughters review}

Hello! Beautiful skies today.IMG_4033I met up with East Nasty this morning for an easy 4.5-mile jog. I always look forward to their company on Wednesdays! Running buddies are the best.IMG_4030I’ve run over this bridge four times this week already. It’s like my new Key Bridge! :)IMG_4032Short, sweet, and super sweaty run. It’s humid out there! So. Last night I got to try out Rolf and Daughters, a restaurant that’s been on my must-visit list for quite some time!rolf_and_daughters_nashville_DSC0006Rolf and Daughters (which cleverly goes by RAD), has a pretty neat space. Intimate, rustic, and casually cool. My date for the evening: my mom! She was in town and we decided girls’ night was in order._DSC0013Since we went to RAD on a Tuesday night, it wasn’t too packed. Good thing, because I can imagine the “community tables” getting quite loud on a weekend!rolf_and_daughters_nashville__DSC0007I love the RAD gives you a large bottle of water that you can self-pour when you sit down, so that you don’t have to nag servers to keep you hydrated. In addition to water and cocktails, we started off with some sourdough bread that came with “seaweed butter” and sea salt._DSC0017It was salty, but good! Up next was an assortment of beets, blackberries, mushrooms, dried olives, and “beet yogurt” which sounded so intriguing we had to order it. The beets and blackberries were delicious — and the yogurt was cool and creamy. As for the shriveled olives… meh. Super salty!rolf_and_daughters_nashville__DSC0015For our two “entree”-ish dishes (RAD is sort of tapas-style, so most plates are small) we tried a bean salad and the pork ragut, both of which were recommended by Yelpers and our waitress. The bean salad had a warm, runny egg on top of it, and some (again, very salty!) fish flakes sprinkles. Apparently eggs and fish flakes are a thing (we ate these at Two Ten Jack, too).rolf_and_daughters_nashville__DSC0021The bean salad was good, but not very filling. At least the homemade pasta was on the substantial side! By far the best thing of the night.rolf_and_daughters_nashville__DSC0022Rolf and Daughters was good, but to be honest I probably won’t be back. Maybe I’m just getting old, cheap, and cranky — but I mean, this place was ranked 3rd best new restaurant in the country, so we were expecting something at least close to epic. Instead, we left hungry and oversalted. The only way to fix that situation: ice cream._DSC0028We shared scoops of coffee, brambleberry, and sweet biscuit. Jeni’s, you never let me down.IMG_4019Have a RAD day!

  • Locals: Have you been to Rolf and Daughters? Thoughts?
  • Ice cream: cup or cone?!!
  • What are you training for right now?

Rolf and Daughters on Urbanspoon:
Rolf and Daughters on Urbanspoon

5 thoughts on “sweet run + salty dinner {Rolf and Daughters review}

    • it is a good flavor! but second in my heart to brown butter almond. that flavor just can’t be beat 😉

  1. Thanks for the review! I have been curious about RAD. I won’t run there…If yall haven’t tried Husk I think that should be on your short list. We REALLY enjoyed our meal there. I think I’ve commented about this before but you really should go to Silly Goose also. It is next door to Jeni’s. Go on a Saturday afternoon so you don’t have to wait too long. Their sandwiches are to die for.

    • YES, both of those spots are on my list! we live so close to silly goose it’s embarrassing we haven’t been yet. we have stopped in for their delicious tea, but not sandwiches yet!