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comparing the same workout, a year later + a not-very-good moussaka attempt

Hello hello! It’s Thursday, which means we are one step closer to the weekend! I’m especially excited because I’ll be heading on a road trip to North Carolina where some Australian guy is waiting for me.

Since Anthony is out of town, I had to recruit some other guys to cheer me on at the track. They were not very vocal.IMG_4041I had a TOUGH workout today. Three miles at a 6:55-7:00 pace, three easy recovery laps, and then two more miles at 6:55-7:00.IMG_4038I remember doing this workout last summer and thinking it was really hard. Out of curiosity, I pulled up my splits from last year (which I measured in 0.25 mile reps)old_splitsold_splits2
and here are my splits from today (measured in 0.5 mile reps).new_splitsnew_splits2
If you look at the average paces (or are geeky enough to do math to properly compare the two data sets) then it looks like I did better this time around! Woot. Plus it was sort of cool and overcast which helped :)IMG_4040Enough running and weather! Let’s talk about eggplant.

I had a lonely eggplant in my fridge and didn’t know what to do with it. So I decided to try making moussaka, a Greek creation I’ve always been curious about.moussaka_DSC0009Moussaka is sort of like lasagna, as in it involves layering a tomato/beef sauce with lots of cheese. But instead of noodles, you use eggplant! And there are some odd spices like cinnamon and nutmeg in it.moussaka_DSC0004What’s that white stuff on top? Bechemel sauce, which is basically butter and milk + flour.moussaka_DSC0007I stuck to the recipe pretty closely — all I did was cut the absurd amount of required butter in half and throw in some summer squash I also needed to get rid of. And also, I used mozzerella because I didn’t have any parmesan. And I didn’t use fines herbs, because who has that?

Okay, so maybe I didn’t really follow the recipe. Looking back, it seems like I was basically trying to empty my fridge into a 9×13 pan to see what happened.

I WANT to tell you this was delicious, but to be honest I don’t think I’m a fan of moussaka. It’s weirdly sweet yet meaty and greasy at the same time..and now, I have to eat a whole 9×13 pan of it, which means I will eat moussaka for the rest of 2014. At least I have sparkly delicious water to chug between bites :)moussaka_DSC0001And at least every time I eat my moussaka I smile and think of Moufasa.

Have a good day!

  • Do you compare your past race/run times with current ones?
  • Does anyone else think moussaka doesn’t taste very good?
  • FAVORITE Disney character?!


6 thoughts on “comparing the same workout, a year later + a not-very-good moussaka attempt

  1. Try the moussaka with marinara sauce instead of beshemel. It’s not traditional of course, but it cuts down on the thick/butter/richness of the dish. My grandma does it all the time.

  2. I pictured Moufasa in my head every time you said “moussaka” before you even mentioned him…lol.
    I think Gus from Cinderella is really cute.

    It’s so fun to see progress! Yay!