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eating asheville, day 1

Greetings from Asheville, North Carolina! By the time you’re reading this I’ll probably be back in Nashville — hitting the road bright and early!_DSC0053 It’s been a spontaneous, fast, and fun trip — filled with lots of food, of course.

I drove down at early o’clock on Saturday morning to meet Anthony (who is here for work) at the Laughing Seed Cafe, a vegetarian hot spot.laughing_seed_asheville_IMG_4070We were both starving — and unfortunately had to suffer a 50-minute wait for our food?! I inhaled this delicious salad about two seconds after smiling with it.laughing_seed_asheville_IMG_4074The staff was slow, but really nice. They gave us a free slice of cake for the long wait! So, we’d give this place a B+ in the end.

We topped off lunch with beers at L.A.B, one of the 10000000 breweries in town._DSC0058We had to fuel up for a 90-minute walking tour! I booked us tickets for an Asheville by Foot experience, which was really fun (and educational!).

Our guide, Kevan, is an Asheville native and local history expert. He knew the answer to every question we asked — and we could hear him perfectly thanks to these fashionable ear pieces we got to wear.
There’s a lot of really interesting architecture in this small town — including a lot of fun art deco from the 20s. The old S&W cafeteria was my favorite building by far! So swanky._DSC0085You can see the top of the First Baptist Church popping into the sky from almost anywhere in this (hilly!) town. It’s based on the Santa Maria del Fiore church in Florence and has this cool colored tile roof to imitate the look of rusted copper. _DSC0073Vance Monument reminds me of the Washington Monument… except way smaller :)_DSC0067
Basilica of St. Lawrence, a Spanish-style cathedral with the largest freestanding dome in North America.
And that’s all of the Asheville trivia I have for you today, except for this one last note: There are a lot of flower children here.
In the evening, we strolled into Limones — only a few minutes late for our reservation :). Very intimate yet elegant spot.limones_asheville_DSC0109A couple margaritas to start off the evening…limones_asheville_DSC0094I got the margarita caliente, which lived up to its name! A hint of habanero really gave it a kick._DSC0096As soon as we saw LOBSTER NACHOS on the menu, we had to order them. They were good — so different than your average Americanized nachos! Lots of sweet, smoky flavors with interesting add-ons like purple cabbage.limones_asheville_DSC0099For my entree, I went with the ahi tuna. It was cooked to perfection, topped with a sweet mango salsa, and served atop a risotto cake and satuéed chard. Not your typical Mexican dish, for sure — but so good!limones_asheville_DSC0106Limones, you were really good to us.

After such an epic dinner, we were pretty ready to call it a night — but had to check off one more brewery on the Asheville list: Hi-Wire Brewery. What a funky spot._DSC0112And then the next day, we finally stopped eating and went exploring! Trail running is tough.asheville_mountain_to_sea_trail_IMG_4088Recap coming tomorrow. Have a good Monday!

  • Ever been to Asheville?
  • Trail running tips?
  • Would you rather start a vineyard, a distillery, or a brewery?

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4 thoughts on “eating asheville, day 1

  1. You always have such a beaming smile in your photos (especially when with food :p). It always makes me smile too! I am so jealous you were in Asheville, I have heard such wonderful things about that place. I have heard the running is gorgeous there too. Hope to someday visit, for now I enjoyed my weekend capping off a 78 mile week in Michigan :)