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my garmin thoughts & eating asheville, day 2

Good morning! After the most epic Monday ever (starting at 3 am and ending at 10 pm), I’m glad to say that Tuesday is off to a good start.IMG_4104I headed to Shelby park to get my run on. One mile easy, then alternating fast/easy every half mile, then one mile easy. Since my half-mile fast portions were at the start of each mile (4.0-4.5, for example), it was easy to check my pace during these segments. I stayed below 7:00 for almost all of them!

I was randomly thinking about the days before I got my Garmin and wondering whether I would have gotten faster with or without it over the past couple years. Even though I’m a fan of intuitive running and learning to feel (rather than see) the intensity of a run, I also think that having my Garmin has helped me become a faster runner. Because it’s such a black-and-white analysis of each mile, I think it makes me more honest with myself and more likely to push the pace when I know I can. I try not to obsess over each mile time (especially for long and easy runs), but I do find it helpful for speed workouts. Anyways. What do you think?

6.5 miles total, with a lovely turnaround point over the Cumberland River:IMG_4106I realized today that I haven’t been out for a normal run since Wednesday of last week, so it was nice to get out there and do my thing!IMG_4103Okay, time for more Asheville eats! This town was basically created for foodies, so Anthony and I had to eat as much as possible in our short stay. It’s a tough job.

Sunday kicked off with sad egg white McMuffins and rocket fuel coffees since our hotel and the Starbucks beside it had no food offerings. I’ll spare you a photo! Then we went on an amazing and incredibly difficult trail run…IMG_4082 and then were officially starving for lunch.

Around 2 pm we rolled into Farm Burger and our lives improved dramatically. I got a chicken burger which included a delicious kale coleslaw. I really want to recreate it — maybe this recipe will do the trick?farm_burger_asheville_DSC0121Anthony kept it classic with a beef burger, cooked to perfection. Farm Burger sources its meat from its own grassfed cow collective in Georgia. Pretty cool! farm_burger_asheville_DSC0125The sweet potato fries were also amazing. We dominated lunch.farm_burger_asheville_DSC0131After a stroll around downtown (which included a Kristen Wigg sighting! I got a photo but feel bad posting her to the interwebs like a stalker), we “accidentally” stumbled upon French Broad Chocolates, a sweet shop that our insider guide Kevan told us about.french_broad_chocolate_asheville_DSC0134Cold sipping chocolate in a wine glass? Sign me up._DSC0137I was actually supposed to leave Asheville and drive myself home at this point (Anthony is staying for work), so I packed up my bags, got in the car, and was about to start the 4-hour, 45-minute journey home. But then I randomly decided that I should stay another night and put off my road trip until Monday morning. YOLO.

So we took a nap (see above note about insanely tough trail run), saw Hercules, and got PHO. At Pho-R-Us.pho_r_us_asheville_DSC0002Pretty good soup! Their chicken pho is made with all white meat, which I loved because I’m not a big dark meat eater, but didn’t love because it made the soup a little less flavorful. We just piled on sriracha and everything was good.pho_r_us_asheville_DSC0011And since it was our last night in Asheville, we had to hit up one last brewery…. Wicked Weed._DSC0015Anthony got the “coolcumber” beer, which was unique and surprisingly yummy. Cucumber + beer? Strange but good.wicked_weed_asheville_DSC0014
Considering that all of my food/drink photos from a single 30-hour trip filled up two entire blog posts, I’d say we did a good job eating Asheville. That was fun!

  • Garmin: Love it or hate it?
  • Flavored beer: Love it or hate it?
  • Kale: Love it or hate it?

14 thoughts on “my garmin thoughts & eating asheville, day 2

  1. I agree that Garmin can make you faster/more honest. Lately I’ve been using the virtual pacer feature, which is super annoying but definitely makes me stick to faster paces when I want to. And Asheville is amazing! So much good food.

  2. I think my Garmin has helped me get faster because if I feel tired but know that I’m capable of going faster than my current pace, I mentally make myself speed up. Someone should do a study with fake paces–give half of the participants real Garmins and half off-paced Garmins (and switch) and compare their race/interval times to their typical race/interval times.

    I just started racing with my Garmin a few months ago. Up until then, I wore a normal sports watch because it was less stressful.

    • that is a fantastic study idea — that has basically been done! http://digitalcommons.wku.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1453&context=ijes
      basically, this study says that GPS watches help runners “learn pacing” which i guess doesn’t technically mean “get faster,” but more or less implies it.
      “The {pace} deviation scores of all of the runners who
      wore a Garmin device improved from the
      pre-test to the post-test, while only one
      runner in the control group improved their
      pacing ability.”

  3. Garmin: Love it or hate it? Love, but I think it is time for a new one.Which one do you have? I have the Forerunner 10.

    Flavored beer: Love it or hate it? I like a GOOD Pumpkin Beer in the fall.

    Kale: Love it or hate it? Unfortunately I do not love. It is not something I wouldn’t eat but just wouldn’t buy.

    • i have the 210, and love it! it’s small and has all the basic info you need. some of my friends have the 310 (and into the 4s), and it works for them. depends how much data you want to see at once.
      if i could change one thing about my garmin, i’d like it to wirelessly upload to garmin connect! (this is me secretly hoping that a garmin tech is reading my blog and will send me a free sample of their wireless watches, haha)

  4. I’ve never had a Garmin, so I don’t know. I use the Nike App, but it doesn’t do a good job of telling you the current pace, so I basically go based on how I feel. It does seem to be pretty accurate for your mile splits though. It’

    I am not too keen on flavored beer…..

    • once i ran with my garmin AND the nike app together, just to compare. nike app was about 0.3 miles off on a 5-mile run. :)

  5. I depend on my garmin way too much. I wish I could take it off and not care, but I do. I LOVE kale, and I even prefer to eat it raw in a salad! Costco has this amazing shredded salad in a bag with kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli and other greens that is to die for!

  6. I have the Nike+ watch and I love it. I just hate when I look at it too much because it usually make me think I’m going faster than I actually am, and then I’m disappointed when I get the official pace lol.

    I love fruit flavored beer….peach or strawberry, yum!

    Kale has grown on me. I like them in smoothies and in some salads.

  7. Love Kale, but only baked in the oven or in soup. Garmin I am so-so. Sometimes love it, sometimes hate it. Love flavored beer.

    Jealous you saw Kristin Wigg. Didn’t you recently see another celeb in Nashville? Thought maybe it was in another post but couldn’t find it. Anyway, I’m jealous! Have never had a real life celeb encounter.

    • yes, i saw Chaley Rose, a side character on the show Nashville, the other day! hope all is well in DC!