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early morning run; late night dinner

Headed to an enchanted forest this morning…IMG_4131Actually, that’s just a mini nature trail I checked out in Shelby Park. Pretty cool, right? After my little warmup, I ran up this hill eight times.IMG_4134Oh hill workouts, I haven’t visited you since winter — and I didn’t miss you! Ha.

After the hills, it was time to meet up with Holly! We met last week at the Food Bloggers outing and I’m so happy to have a new running buddy. We covered about 3.5 miles together, chatting the whole way.IMG_4135Beautiful, breezy morning. Summer heat, I’m okay if you hold off for a couple more months…

In other news, Anthony came home last night! We celebrated with a Mexican feast.tacos_DSC0019Since his flight came in around 7:30, we even didn’t start cooking dinner until 8:00 — and these beef/black bean tacos were ready to go by 8:30! I was pretty proud of my rápido self.

I could have saved more time if I hadn’t gone overboard on the toppings… but that’s what makes a taco fun, right?tacos_DSC0027Boom!tacos_DSC0032And now it’s Thursday already. How did that happen?

  • Locals: What’s your favorite (and by favorite, I mean least favorite) hill to run?
  • Tortillas: corn or flour?
  • What time do you usually eat dinner?

8 thoughts on “early morning run; late night dinner

  1. These tacos look amazing! Yum.

    Favorite (terrible) hill is definitely Iwo Jima. So wonderfully painful. :) Miss you blogging DC sights but love reading about Nashville. My husband and I are headed there in October for a wedding so I’ll know exactly where to eat and run!

    • thanks for following me south! not quite as many monumental sights in nashville, but i have been shocked to find plenty of street furniture :). hope all is well in dc and let me know if you need tips for when you visit here in the fall!

  2. One of the worst hills in nashville: sunnybrook rd in green hills. I just did 8x:90 second hills on it last Wednesday and it was killerrrrr

  3. Worst / hardest hill ever is Mount Nasty in the east nasty route # 12! We ran it a few weeks ago , so you know ! Hill repeats, i need to get that back in my workouts soon too!! Love your Blog posts Mary :)