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steep run and silly goose

Hello! It’s almost the weekend! And I’ve been holding off to share my best run photos alllll week. They’re from the Mountains to Sea Trail in North Carolina!

I’d read about the trail on this super useful trail running website, and put it on our must-do list for this past weekend in Asheville (basically, the only non-brewery, non-restaurant on the schedule…)

We weren’t sure exactly how and where to find the trail, but had heard there was a entrance near the Asheville Folk Art Center. The lovely folks there pointed us in the right direction, and then we were off!mountain_to_sea_trail_asheville_NC_IMG_4082The trail started off pretty flat and not too technical. “Trail running is pretty easy,” I thought…

Erm, wrong. After a half mile, I knew we were doomed. Not only is trail running hard because you’re physically dodging and dashing around rocks, roots, plants, BUGS (ahhh!!!), but it’s also a mental workout because you have to figure out where to step next.mountain_to_sea_trail_asheville_NC_IMG_4080Anthony and I couldn’t even really chat on the way up the trail — we were too busy focusing on our feet!

Around the second (or third? my GPS couldn’t handle the forest) mile, the inclines got pretty extreme. Some parts were so rocky and steep that we had to stop and walk. I was starting to feel extremely unfit and out of shape — trail running is an entirely different sport than normal running! Ha.

And then we reached the TOP! We paused and took in the awesome views.mountain_to_sea_trail_asheville_NC_IMG_4085I’m so happy my husband likes to do crazy sweaty nature runs with me.mountain_to_sea_trail_asheville_NC_IMG_4089The trail continues on for like 70 more miles after this point. We didn’t make it to mile 70, but we did journey onward until mile 5 or so.

We found a spindly tree section which would make the perfect scary movie background except that Anthony isn’t scary at all.mountain_to_sea_trail_asheville_NC_IMG_4090And then we stumbled upon a little creek and decided it was time to turn around.mountain_to_sea_trail_asheville_NC_IMG_4092By the time we finished the 8-9 mile run, I was beat! My legs were tired from the inclines and the whole balancing and dodging thing really got my back and hips too.

Not only did Anthony and I get to explore a new trail and new city this week — we also checked out a new (to us) restaurant here in Nashville! (Did you like that segue?)  Silly Goose has been calling from around the corner for months, so last night we headed there with some new friends.

I ordered “The Reba,” which is just as spicy as Reba herself. The shrimp had a kick, but the cool melon and creamy cheese balanced it out. I thought it was pretty yummy, but would have liked a carb on my plate… (story of my life)silly_goose_nashville_DSC0039Anthony tried “The Hustler,” which was sort of a Mediterranean chicken skewer served over lentils. We thought this was really good — the chicken was cooked perfectly, with plenty of spice.silly_goose_nashville_DSC0037The highlight of dinner, though, might have been Silly Goose’s iced ginger green tea. I need their recipe!silly_goose_nashville_DSC0036
Overall I think we were all pleased with Silly Goose — but there are so many other spots we need to check out, I don’t know if we’ll be back right away. I’m definitely stopping in for more tea though :)

I’m off to work now, and then looking forward to a lazy night in followed by a 15-miler in the morning. Have a good weekend!

  • Locals – thoughts on Silly Goose?
  • Do you make your own iced tea/coffee?
  • Ever tried trail running? Did it kick your butt?

Silly Goose on Urbanspoon:
Silly Goose on Urbanspoon

15 thoughts on “steep run and silly goose

  1. Trail running is so fun! But definitely harder! However, you ARE usually rewarded with a good view and great time spent with nature. :) BTW your running tank is too adorable! Could you tell me the brand of it? Thanks :)

    • thanks! it is the one, single, only top i own from lululemon. i got it a couple years ago, though!

        • don’t worry, lulu always has extremely cute things ready for you to drop your entire paycheck on 😉 on a related but unrelated note, i recently bought some stuff on Fabletics — pretty cute and nearly the same in quality as lululemon in my opinion

  2. Silly Goose is one of my favorite restaurants in Nashville, but I’ve only eaten lunch there. The Mexico City is amazing, as well as the Zipper!

  3. Happy smiles, and it is no surprise why with that food and those trails! Yum! I am backing out of my race this weekend, my gut tells me I need to back off, not fun to hear, but I know I will be glad I did.

    • what a mature decision! better to rest up and enjoy a long career of running than throw it all away on a big injury. stay strong! :)

  4. Just stumbled across your blog and am loving it in general, but especially as a Nashvillian! And I looooooove the Silly Goose, one of my favorite spots in town, both for the amazing food and for the awesome people who own and manage it. Great spot!