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Morning! How’s your weekend going? Ours has been pretty low key, which is nice for a change. Starting with a homemade dinner on Friday. Breaking news for East Nashvillians: Salmon is on sale at Kroger. Buy it!!_DSC0006Confession: I don’t think I’ve ever made mashed potatoes in my life (mom, forgive me). I think my first attempt was pretty solid. Tip: add dill._DSC0010Plus a side of asparagus and a glass of wine. Done! This is one of those looks-fancy-but-is-actually-really-easy meals. PS I hope you like my abstract napkin folds._DSC0007On Saturday, we were up bright and early to tackle a long run with the PR Bandits. The group met at Centennial Park, which I don’t think I’ve visited since 2005…IMG_4141And then we were off! Heading through West End…IMG_4145and eventually making it to some pretty trails on the Richland Greenway.IMG_4153I stuck with Anthony (see our shadows above?!) for the first 9 miles, then hung out with some other ladies for 3 more… and then tackled the last 3 solo. For those of you who don’t like addition, all of that equals 15. I think.IMG_4154By the end, it was getting pretttttty hot outside. I’ve learned to keep a body-sized towel in my car so that I don’t ruin the interior on the ride home. Kind of gross, but kind of badass RIGHT?

Speaking of home, Anthony finally have our house in order enough to have some guests over! Yesterday my bro and sister in law stopped by to say hello…_DSC0027With the cutest baby ever who is THISCLOSE to crawling. For now, she really just likes to hang out on the floor._DSC0026We made burgers!!
And stacked them high alongside a salad._DSC0023Then, this happened. Jeni’s, why do you have to exist within walking distance? Also, those platform shoes look extremely uncomfortable.
And now we’re going to a TRX class. Pray for me.

Have a good weeeeeekend!

  • Do you wear heels/platforms often?
  • What was your long run like this weekend?
  • Burgers: homemade or store-bought?



2 thoughts on “weekend thus far

  1. I’m jealous of the TRX class, I love those! My long run sucked bad, made me think about throwing in the towel for MCM in October..yes, it was that bad. Hit a mental AND a physical wall….still feeling crappy about it. Amazing how bad it can ruin your day when you have a day like that! And I very rarely wear heels/platforms. When I do, the look so cute, but my feet scream the entire time!! That’s what I get for never wearing them. I have very rarely put them on since I had kids unless it’s for a date night. I remember the days where that is ALL I used to wear!