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homemade sun dried tomatoes + my race calendar

Morning! Let’s talk food first. Here’s a pan of tomatoes:_DSC0030Which I spent 48 hours slowly heating, drying, heating, and drying… until they became “sun dried” ! (i.e., oven dried.)_DSC0045I’ve always wanted to try making my own sun dried tomatoes and can now cross it off the bucket list (what, that’s not on your list, too?). They taste pretty awesome and were easy to make, but I won’t say the process is a quick one.

I made these tomatoes for two reasons. One, I wanted to put some in this delicious salad I made last night:_DSC0059(Bibb lettuce, cucumber, avocado, and sun dried tomatoes). Served with grilled buffalo chicken and a brown rice/barley/lentil mix we tried from Harris Teeter. _DSC0065-001So simple, but so good! I don’t know what we’re going to do in the winter when we can’t grill. Actually I do. We’re going to go to El Jaliciense every night._DSC0062Anyways, the second purpose of my sun dried tomatoes: to use as part of my entry for this weekend’s Tomato Fest Recipe Contest!
I was going to run the Tomato Festival 5k, but then thought that a cook-off would be far more challenging. I’ve been working on a recipe all week — wish me luck!

Speaking of competitive events, here’s what I’ve got on the race calendar in case anyone wants to train up and come meet me at the start line….

1. Chattanooga 4 Bridges Half Marathon (October 19). I haven’t been to Chattanooga since I was about 8 years old, and Anthony has never been… so, we’re going! And running over four bridges, which I hope are all flat.chatt

2. Richmond Marathon (November 15). I registered for this one two years ago, and then had to defer twice (once for injury, once because I booked a last-minute trip to Vietnam). Third time’s a charm?richmond

Anthony actually ran the half marathon a couple years ago, and I went to cheer him on! I’ve seen the course (well, half of it at least) and am pumped for the big downhill finish :)IMG_2487
Let’s hope it’s not as cold in 2014 as it was in 2012!

And now I’m off to Florida, where it’s definitely not cold. See you soon!

  •  Anyone ran either of these races? Tips?
  • Ever made your own sun dried tomatoes?
  • What’s the coldest race you’ve ever run?!

8 thoughts on “homemade sun dried tomatoes + my race calendar

  1. Hey! So I’ve been reading your blog for forever now and follow a ton of your training recommendations etc. I live in Richmond so I have a TON of restaurant recommendations if you need any when you come up for the race. I also work at a brewery, which would be the best post-marathon treat. I’m running the Richmond half this year but the marathon course is so awesome.

    • thanks so much for reading! so jealous you live in richmond — it seems like a really neat city. last time we were there we went to this little but fancy italian place.. i think it was called nuvo or something? it was awesome. and yes, i will see you at the brewery. every marathon deserves a beer (or 7). good luck at the half — hope to see you there!

  2. I was thinking to myself the other day that Milad and I should take a weekend trip to Richmond since I’ve never been (except driving through). Maybe we’ll coordinate with someones marathon schedule!

    I haven’t made sun dried tomatoes but I have made roasted peppers. Much faster than your process sounded, and peeling the skin off the slimey peppers was very fun.

    Aaaaand the coldest race I’ve ever done was the half full triathlon two years ago. The water was warmer than the air and a lot of people had to be rescued from the bike course for risk of hypothermia as it rained and rained and rained! Lance Armstrong did that race though!

  3. I just moved to Richmond and had no idea it hosts America’s friendliest marathon. You’ve inspired me! At the least I’ll go for the 8K, but if I’m ambitious enough maybe I’ll sign up for the half. Thanks for sharing, maybe I’ll see you there! :)

    • good luck! yeah richmond gets great reviews from runners. it’s a nice, low key but high support race :) hope to see you there!

  4. I ran a 5k in West Hartford Connecticut in December a few years ago-it was really really cold. Frost was on the ground. Good thing it was just a 5k.