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wimpy trail running in Florida

Good morning from South Walton, Florida!IMG_4189I’ve only been here for 24 hours, but have lots of food and running to share with you. Because that’s what I focus on 99% of the time (the other 1% goes to The Bachelorette).

When I arrived eeeaarly yesterday morning, my room wasn’t ready. So I hung out on the hotel’s treadmill for a while. Fun fact: I can’t watch TV on the treadmill. It really annoys me!
One mile at 8:40, a 5k at 6:59, and 0.9 miles back at 8:40. Before I started working with a coach, I probably wouldn’t have thought that five miles was “enough” to justify a workout during marathon training, but now I subscribe to the quantity over quality theory.

Not a bad way to kick off my trip! Flash forward through some work meetings etc. and get to the food. First, lunch at 98 Bar-B-Quea neat little spot with lots of funky decor._DSC0070Mountain of meat? Okay._DSC0072>loved the pulled chicken, thought the baked beans were pretty good, and was really excited that they put pickles on our sandwiches. It’s the little things in life.

Next up were some margs at The Bay. I’m usually an on-the-rocks girl, but had no problem enjoying my drink in frozen form.IMG_4183We also “snacked” on this fried green tomato + crab creation before heading off for dinner. _DSC0079What a beauty!

This morning I went a little crazy and decided to tackle the trails of Point Washington State Forest.IMG_4188The Eastern Lake Trail is a 10-mile loop that I’m sure would have been lovely if I could have properly navigated it like a true outdoorswoman. Instead I fumbled around and got a little lost among the shrubs and signage.IMG_4193Even though I took a freestyle route, I saw some pretty cool stuff. The trail was a bit loose and sandy in spots, making it tough to keep up a good pace — but then other parts were marshy and muddy. Fun!IMG_4190The trees also provided some welcome shade from the hot, hot sun.IMG_4189I was doing fine for the first 4-5 miles, but then the trail got pretty narrow and very natural. So natural that there were monstrous spider webs everywhere! I tried to keep it together after I ran through two massive webs, but then I freaked out entirely when I almost ran right into this third one. As you can see, it had a big old red spider in the dead center.IMG_4199I mean, I like being outside and all, but I don’t do spiders. I decided this spot made a good turnaround point! #wimpIMG_4194The last four miles were on main trails/roads which eventually led me back to my car (thanks, Google Maps). I’m going to say I covered 10, because my GPS lost at least half a mile in the forest.IMG_4202Side note: Running with a massive pair of rental car keys in your hand is really annoying.

Other than a few spiders, South Walton has been awesome as always. I’ll see you from Nashville tomorrow!

  • Ever gotten lost in the wilderness?
  • What do you carry in your hands while you run?
  • Margaritas: on the rocks or frozen?

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