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altocumulous track workout + more seafood

Morning! I picked this flower for you.IMG_4237It was the prettiest thing I saw on my short walk to the track, which looked the same as always. (Except for those two dogs. Some lady brought her two unleashed pups to the track and they went completely bonkers. She left in less than five minutes.)IMG_4223Anyways. 7x1000m dashes with a one-minute rest between each rep. I completed each round in 4:07-4:15 range.

Big blue sky this morning. Remember in 4th grade when we learned the types of clouds? I just looked them up again. Altocumulus at its finest!IMG_4235I was pretty happy with my track times, especially considering how tired I am right now. I’m actually asleep as I write this. My flight home last night got delayed, then delayed, then delayed again… you get the idea. On the bright side, having to stay in Florida four extra hours allowed me to go look at the beach:_DSC0112and splurge on one last plate of seafood._DSC0145and a beer. Shades on the Loop has a huge collection of drafts — I kept it classic with an Abita Amber, one of my all-time faves._DSC0141I wound up sitting next to another lady at the bar and we had a lovely chat. I’m not usually a hang-out-alone-at-the-bar sort of girl, but it was sort of fun to toast to misery with a temporary friend for a while.

I also made friends with the sushi chef at Sushimoto yesterday over lunch. He helped me order up the freshest catch:_DSC0122and now I’ve realized that I’ve eaten fish for the past seven meals straight in a row. I’m going to have to make a pepperoni pizza tonight to balance it all out.

Have a good one!

  • What’s your latest track workout?
  • How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
  • Beach or mountains?

4 thoughts on “altocumulous track workout + more seafood

  1. I like the mountains and the beach ! Got a 8x 800 m track workout in tuesday but good thing it was at Interval pace due to racing the Tomato 5k this coming Sat. My body needs some rest today and tomorrow & i am an 8 hr a night sleeper for sure! I dont feel good with less

  2. I’m a beach girl at heart, living in the mountains, so your beach photo makes me terribly homesick! =) Been a while since I’ve done a track workout, but I’m loving some short tempo runs these days – trying to get faster! And sleep, it’s never enough, is it?