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details of my training plan… and a plate of pad thai

We made it past Monday!IMG_4315This morning I met up with a new friend for a run date. It was so nice to have some company on my run! Chitchatting makes the miles go by so quickly.IMG_4316Katie and I covered a little over six miles, a couple of which were through the sun-soaked greens of good old Shelby park.IMG_4317Not a bad way to start the day.

Okay, time to get serious now and talk training (per a request from Kathy Q!) . For anyone who is just here for the food and sunrise photos, just scroll past all this rambling to the pad Thai photos at the end.

So remember when I got a running coach, shared my thoughts on having one, and then decided to stop working with him? (Long story short for newer readers: I hired him to help me get out of a running slump and break 3:35 in the marathon, worked with him for a year, PRed in every distance, and then decided to stop working with him when we moved to Nashville and re-assessed our budget after buying a house).

Here’s an update on training since then.

  • At first, I was really scared. I didn’t realize how dependent I’d become on having a coach to guide me and give me every.single.workout for the past year. Having to come up with my own training plan (and hoping it will work) was sort of an initial stress, and to be completely honest, it still is sometimes. Every now and then I wonder if I’m doing the right kinds of runs, at the right time of in the training cycle, and at the right paces…
  • … and then I’m like, Mary, get over it. Just go run and be happy and remember that you’re definitely not close to going pro, so nobody cares and it doesn’t matter.
  • On the downside, I guess I’ll never know what would have happened if I would have stuck with my coach for another year…
  • … but on the super-plus side, I have all of the spreadsheets, emails, and guidance docs that he sent along last year, and am using those to help shape my training plan this year. I definitely learned a lot about running when I worked with my coach, and am taking everything I know now to make myself a smarter and faster runner.
  • So, at this point, I’m feeling pretty good about my training. I have my spreadsheet lined up, my running group ready to go, and a few routes I’ve perfected in my new home :). Plus I got a bread maker to give me all of the carbs, so how could I go wrong?

Speaking of spreadsheets, I just copied and pasted my training plan here but realized that all of the abbreviations and color coding would make no sense to anyone. So here is a summarized version of what I’m doing weekly until my half marathon and marathon this fall…

  • Monday: 7-8 mile run (about 60 minutes), with some sort of intensity (like fartlek runs, tempo runs, or hill repeats).
  • Tuesday: 5-7 mile easy run.
  • Wednesday: mid-week long run, currently around 10 miles and working up to 13 over the next couple months.
  • Thursday: track. Mostly repeating the same workouts I did last summer at faster paces.
  • Friday: either super-easy short run, off, or cross training.
  • Saturday: long run, currently around 15 miles and working up to 20ish over the next couple months.
  • Sunday: either super-easy short run, off, or cross training.

And that’s basically it. Five to six days of running a week, with two or three key intensity runs per week. Every three to four weeks I take an easy week and cut back my mileage, and I also make adjustments for traveling, weather, and whatever else life throws at me!

I’ve been doing this sort of weekly routine since March (with track workouts and long runs varying depending on what I’m training for), when I came out of the winter “off/strength” season and started training for spring/fall races again. It worked last year, so I’m hoping it will work this year too!

Okay now back to the fun stuff. So, on August 26, 2013, Anthony cooked pad thai and I blogged about it. Here’s him in action, last year:1-_DSC0749This past weekend, he wanted to make it again, so looked up the recipe on my blog and then decided to do this._DSC0020What a model. As I’m uploading these photos at 5 am, I’m laughing out loud!

Anyways. The meal was a hit! We had my parents over to help us eat it all. Really — there wasn’t a single noodle left.pad_thai_DSC0025Unfortunately the grocery store was out of cilantro. So we improvised with chives! (impro-chived?)pad_thai_DSC0030In our garden, however, there’s no shortage of another herb… MINT. So we were forced to make mojitos.mojito_DSC0009It’s pretty cool to live close to family again! Everyone’s tolerance is going way up because of it._DSC0013This was a very long post. Sorry about that. Have a good day!

  • Do you grow any herbs?
  • How often do you run with a group/a friend?
  • Do you make up a training plan to follow or just make up stuff as you go?

10 thoughts on “details of my training plan… and a plate of pad thai

  1. That mojito looks so cool and crisp :) I think the only way I’ll get up early in the morning for a long run is if I’m meeting someone, especially since I’d feel so much safer not being alone! Your training plan is intense!! Get it!

  2. Cool, thanks for posting this! Very interesting. I’ve never worked with a coach but I like having a training plan so I’ve mostly used Hal Higdon, although as I’ve gone through training cycles I’ve gotten more comfortable with tweaking his plans and stealing ideas from other places. What marathon are you training for?

  3. Hahaha on the photos of Anthony and the pad thai. I love that he wore basically the same thing.

    I had a basil plant for a few weeks, and then it died alongside the flower pots next to it after I didn’t water any of them.

    post request!: Do you do maintenance strength training during marathon season?

    • we have a basil plant, and something keeps eating it! i get so mad!!!!! and yes, i do strength workouts even during training (except the week or so before a race) — usually a mix of pilates, TRX, and anything else that focuses on core, glutes, and hips

  4. The photos of Anthony crack me up – he is a good sport for poking fun at himself, ha! I am growing basil and cilantro, but my toddler keeps picking it and eating it before I can toss it in a recipe.

  5. The photos of Anthony hamming it up are hilarious!

    I don’t have a running coach or any real training plans. I make up my workouts on the fly. I don’t think I have the discipline to follow a training plan for longer than a month. I’m still improving and getting PRs so my process works for me. I may get a coach one day if and when I stop showing improvements, but for now I’m happy with my progress.