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a run, a run, and a blueberry mojito

Hello!! After four days straight of hot, humid runs, I was dreading this morning’s jog. BUT then I stepped outside and realized it was a cool 60 degrees.IMG_4319As an all-seasons outdoor runner, I’m a big fan of the 55-65 degree range. It’s my favorite temperature for running.

I covered a few miles solo, and then met up with East Nasty for the usual Wednesday run.IMG_4321We did a 3.8-mile route that covered some mean hills, as usual. I don’t know who makes up these routes… it’s almost like I can envision he/she in a dark cave, scheming up the hilliest routes in East Nashville with an evil cackle and a cauldron. Or something like that.IMG_4323Sun!!!IMG_4325I am clearly coming down from runner’s high right now. Sorry.

After I parted ways with the group, I checked off a couple more miles and threw in a few striders at the end.IMG_4328Done!

But here’s another run for you, from the weekend! On Sunday Brita came over for a blogger jog.IMG_4304-001We covered a little over two miles in East Nashville. Then cooled off with some blueberry mojitos…
My photo is okay, but I think Brita got the best angle!_DSC0035
I also whipped up some homemade tomato-basil hummus which we polished off in no time._DSC0041Thanks for the run and fun, Brita! And thanks for the delicious corn recipe which I’ve added to my must-make list…

Have a good day!

  • How often do you get runner’s high?
  • Best hummus brand? (I usually go homemade, but love Sabra too)
  • Favorite temperature to run in?

2 thoughts on “a run, a run, and a blueberry mojito

  1. Wow. The Runner’s High. Such a real thing. I get it every time I run my typical, i.e. 1 hour+, up to 2+ hours. If I run in the morning it lasts most of the day, if after work then all through the evening. But then I get a bit cranky if I take a day off.

    Temp? Almost any with the right gear. You soon get warmed up even well below freezing. But if I can wear my singlet I’m happy – that’s 10C (50C) and up.

  2. Look, it’s me! I was only minimally sore from that run and I’ve been thinking ever since Sunday how much I really, genuinely want to get more into running. Help me!

    Also, I need the recipe for that hummus! It was SO good