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making a sandwich and dreaming of pie

I was so close to sleeping in today. My alarm went off in the middle of a dream I was having about eating a giant pistachio-blueberry pie… strange.

Anyways, Anthony and I eventually got up, chugged some coffee, and dragged ourselves to the track.IMG_43415x1000m (4:06-4:09 each) with 3.5-minute jog between reps. I thought about pie the entire time.IMG_4339Once we got going, it felt good to be on the run. It’s a cool, dewy morning — let’s hope this weather lasts through the weekend!

Here’s me, working on tanning my right leg.IMG_4343
More exciting news: Anthony and I spent most of yesterday evening painting furniture and mowing our lawn (home ownership is SO FUN!!). Since we both had outdoor projects, we knocked them out while we still had sunlight.

That meant that dinner happened around 8:45 pm and centered around this giant block of cheese that we bought at Costco.
We almost just did 15-lb cheese sandwiches, but decided to slice our cheese brick up and add some other stuff too._DSC0058Grilled to perfection!_DSC0064We ate our late-night dinner while watching Episode 1, Season 1 of Mad Men. We’re about six years behind on this show… but better late than never, right?

Tomorrow is Friday, you guys. YAY!

  • Any Mad Men fans? Which season is your fave?
  • Favorite oversized thing to buy at Costco?
  • How often do you oversleep on accident?

8 thoughts on “making a sandwich and dreaming of pie

  1. Ah, if you’ve just started Mad Men, you have a treat ahead of you. You could just as well ask which of Don’s girlfriends is the favorite. I would vote for the first one – the commercial artist who lives in Greenwich Village and wears a crisp white shirt and not much else if memory serves.

    • mine only lasts for weeks.. haha. but really, talking about animal crackers – i used to be a diehard fan of the big plastic tub at walmart UNTIL i tried whole foods’ 365 brand of animal crackers. they are so yummy and buttery!

    • brilliance!!! i refuse to buy any greek yogurt other than 2% fage because it’s just so much better than the rest. good to know!!