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Hello! I’m starting my Friday off on a bright green note._DSC0006The other day when I was flying to Florida, I read about this smoothie recipe in Spirit magazine._DSC0008The recipe calls for kale, banana, avocado, coconut water, lemon, cayenne pepper — I used baby spinach and light coconut milk, and also tossed in some unsweetened dried coconut flakes and chia seeds. Yum.

Speaking of green, last night Anthony and I attempted to paint our entire kitchen after work. Such ambition calls for a beer…IMG_4349
and calls for pizza._DSC0003We were in a painting groove, until tragedy struck around 8:45 pm. As the paint started to dry, we realized we hated the color. We were shooting for a soft earthy green, but what was happening looked like lime sherbert.

So there we were at Home Depot again. IMG_4351We picked a new color and are going to re-try tomorrow. The painting adventures continue!!IMG_4353
Wish us luck, and have a good weekend!

  • Homeowners: Did you paint your house yourself, or hire pros?
  • Favorite smoothie recipe?
  • Lowe’s or Home Depot?



3 thoughts on “green everything

  1. oof, bright lime walls would be tough to decorate with, unless you’re going with the ever-classy lime green and hot pink. We painted our house when we moved in…14 years ago…but mostly different shades of tan