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lots of running + lake trip (weekend recap)

Hello there! How is it Monday already? So much to catch up on. I guess we can start with the run from this morning. Eerie skies awaited me…IMG_4404It rained on me pretty hard during my first warm-up mile, but then cleared up as I picked up the pace! Lucky me.IMG_4406Miles 1-4 at an 8-8:10 pace, 4-6 at a 7:00 pace, and 6-7 at 7:45. Phew!

I think I am still on a high from Saturday’s awesome run.IMG_4383Anthony and I were up bright (well, dark) and early to meet up with the PR Bandits. The group run was scheduled at Stones River Greenway, which is a good 20-minute drive from our house. It required an extra-early wakeup (um, 4:30 am?) but the views were worth it.IMG_4371Anthony and I settled into an 8:15-8:30ish pace with my running buddy Rayna for the first 10 miles or so. Some of the hills slowed us down on the way up.

But thank goodness I wasn’t riding in a wheelchair backwards on the challenging slopes down.IMG_4370Dam.IMG_4366The three of us settled into our own grooves for a while (Anthony flying ahead, me in the middle, Rayna just behind) and then Rayna and Anthony finished up at mile 11.5.

From there, I took off with another group of runners for 2.75 more!IMG_4378It was cool to run with some new (fast!) people in the club for a bit — I definitely needed the company toward the end!

At mile 14.25, I turned around to finish off the last 2.75 miles alone. With a short stop to say hello to the cows.IMG_4382Done!!IMG_4393After last week’s horribly humid long run, I felt like a million bucks this past Saturday. Good route, good company, good weather. What more could a girl ask for.

Flash forward through a shower, power nap, and super-speedy kitchen painting project (round II), and short road trip… to the lake!IMG_4398Anthony and I made it to my parents’ lake house just in time for some dockside lounging with a tiny family member and a tiny beer.2014-08-16I have 1,000 more things to say but like usual, I’m running late. See you tomorrow!

  • What color is your kitchen?
  • Tell me about your long run this weekend!
  • Running in the rain: yay or nay?

3 thoughts on “lots of running + lake trip (weekend recap)

  1. gah! I can’t believe you ran that far on a leisurely Saturday morning. You’re amazing.

    My kitchen is white. It’s the only room in my house that is white and I spend entirely too much time obsessing over what I should do with those white walls. hah.

  2. That Saturday run sounds AWESOME! good long runs are the best confidence boosters. and yep, good thing you weren’t riding a wheelchair backwards down those slopes! I laughed out loud.