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good run, good company

Two things to share with you this morning! First a flower.IMG_4429Next a kitty.IMG_4424The third thing is a big bowl of pasta, coming at the end of the post! :)

Back to this morning’s jog. It is a HUMID week here. The East Nasties and I all agreed that this morning’s run felt more like a swim. Even though I started running before the sun rose, it didn’t help!IMG_4423We did a quick 3.5-mile loop around LP Field, and then a few of us tacked on some extra miles at the end. IMG_4428And then I did some more! I was hoping to make it to 10, but the temps were high and I was short on time (as my early-morning Instagram followers know, I needed to get back to my homemade burger bun experiment). So I cut it short at 9. IMG_4432Good run!

AND good company lately. Rewind to the weekend: my grandma flew in from Ohio to visit us!20140815_150722Anthony and I spent a while thinking about what to make for her. In the end we decided on pasta. Sticking to our Italian roots!_DSC0029We went for a pasta carbonara dish that was simple but so, so good. (I mean, how pancetta, cheese, eggs, and bread crumbs not taste good?) She approved!_DSC0032Grandma also downed her first mojito. Nice work, Anthony._DSC0014The next day we hung out at my parents’ lake house, where this cutie pie awaited._DSC0007Once the little one was in bed, the real party started. Grandma taught us how to play dominos._DSC0016Or sort of taught. She kept changing the rules! Ha._DSC0022As the weekend festivities came to a close, we had an early birthday celebration for yours truly! My wishes: to break 3 hours in the marathon and eat cake every day for the next year. Think both are possible?_DSC0015Okay, I need to get back to those burger buns and start the day! Have a good one.

  • Where are your ancestors from?
  • Any other August birthdays?!
  • When you go for a run, do you know how many miles you’ll do when you start out, or do you just wing it?


3 thoughts on “good run, good company

  1. Dinner looked fabulous! Nice work! I love the picture of your grandma playing dominoes. :) My ancestors were Irish, Swedish, German, Danish, English, and French. As for running, I would like to wing it but I typically plan what I’m running. A weekend run may have more variance.