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Good morning! For anyone not viewing this post through email, thanks for your patience as I work on redesigning my site! It’ll probably look different tomorrow…

I have a run to share but I want to get to the burger buns ASAP so:_DSC0034I did it!! I followed this recipe to make burger buns from scratch yesterday (with the help of my bread maker). I even added a few sesame seeds for fun._DSC0038You have to plan ahead to make buns since the dough needs to be kneaded really well and then allowed to rise for at least an hour, but other than that they’re actually pretty easy to make. And cheap!

I was tempted to eat a bun sandwich (i.e., a bun sandwiched within a bun) but eventually decided to make burger patties. Plus a big salad. It was a good lineup for our little dinner party, which included Anthony’s coworker who was visiting from out of town.veggie_salad_DSC0045Burgers + champagne? Fancy.burgers_DSC0052Just look at those buns.burger_and_salad_DSC0055Everyone agreed that homemade buns were waaaay better than store-bought ones. I think bread/bun-making might be my calling in life. Or whipped cream- and cookie-making._DSC0059I think we partied a little too hard last night because I went to bed later than 10 pm (I KNOW, it was WILD) and felt pretty tired this morning. At least the sunrise was pretty.IMG_4438Anthony and I went to the track!IMG_4440I was supposed to do four 1200s, but had to cut it short at three so that we could get home on time. I was also supposed to shoot for 4:45 minutes per rep (6:22 pace), but me legs weren’t really working and I was a lot closer to 5:00.

(I accidentally typed “me legs” there, was going to go back and change it to “my legs,” but then thought that it sounded cool in a pirate-voice way.)IMG_4439Anyways, something is better than nothing, right?! I’ll be back to get you next week, track. See you tomorrow!

  • Last time you had a “meh” run?
  • Buns: sesame or plain?
  • Tell me something about pirates.

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    • 5 is still 2 more than me! haha. yes, DC is pretty humid BUT I think Nashville is right up there with it about now.

  1. Before you even explained “me legs,” I pictured a little leprechaun…and then I pictured the little leprechaun running around a track. Haha!