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TRX for runners: my top 3 exercises

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I shared a workout so I thought I’d line up some of my favorite cross-training exercises. I tackled these (plus a tough Nike Training Club workout) at the gym this morning and am feeling the burn. I’m a big fan of bootcamp-style, Pilates-inspired, and Bosu Ball exercises… and lately, I’ve been into the TRX bands, too. Here are some of my favorite TRX exercises for runners — and here’s a full TRX workout for runners routine from RW.

1. The TRX hip press. Feel it in your hips, feel it in ya glutes!
2. The TRX band single-leg squat. Work on your balance… (and don’t let your knee stick out as far as mine)
3. The TRX tuck and pike. Core killer. (Though like this article says, all TRX movements are “all core, all the time.”)trx_for_runners_2014-08-221
I hope you enjoyed those awkward but possibly useful photos of me demonstrating the movements. I really just wanted to show off my new workout top that my sister in law got me! It says “cardio” but seems to work just fine for strength, too. Bonus: Here’s a full TRX leg workout routine from a really fit woman with a TRX band attached to some tropical tree…looks intense!

I’m off to work, and then off to party! Two of my besties are coming in town for the weekend and we are going to show Nashvegas who’s boss.

  • Favorite cross training exercise?
  • Runners: what part of your body do you feel is the weakest?
  • Tell me what you’re doing this weekend!!

10 thoughts on “TRX for runners: my top 3 exercises

  1. Oh my gosh, I do the TRX tuck and pike every week at some point… and you’re right- total core killer. I always get ambitious on number one and think- oh this isn’t so bad- but then after number three I’m like BAHHHH this is intense!

  2. My only experience with TRX was having an incredibly difficult time figuring out how to put my feet in the loops. Though if I were on a tropical jungle roof-porch like the woman in the video, I’m sure I would find a way