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tahini-kale salad + tune belt review

Good morning!IMG_4504Today I headed out with one of my oldest running buddies:IMG_4505and some new running gear! Tune Belt recently sent me some of their phone-carrying bands to sample so I gave them a run. Since I carry my phone with me on my runs, I’m always eager to try out possible carrying belts/bands. First up, the waist belt:tune_belt_20140826_060654and second, the arm band!tune_belt_20140826_060859Pros:

  • Extremely light weight. You basically only feel the weight of your phone.
  • Great fabric quality. I didn’t feel any rubbing or snagging!
  • Useful — aka, my phone stayed put and didn’t fall out.
  • Seemingly water/sweat-proof, though I guess I’d have to run in the rain to really test that out.
  • Customized to the make and model of my phone for a better fit. My belt and band fit my iPhone 4S perfectly.
  • Both have a little extra space for credit cards, cash, Gu, etc (the belt has an additional mini pocket)



  • The waistband’s straps don’t have any sort of adhesive to stay put after you tighten them, so you’ve got to either tuck them in and hope they stay put, or run while they flap around untamed.tune_belt_20140826_060718
  • The armband was a tad too big for me, so the velcro didn’t really stick.tune_belt_20140826_060803

And the last con — though probably a pro for most people — the snug fit of the cases around the phone. Since I’m constantly getting my phone out to take photos on the run, I need something that I can easily whip my phone in and out of.

All in all, Tune Belt isn’t a bad running accessory if you’re on the hunt for a phone/music carrying case. I’d definitely recommend the armband over the waistband since it’s a little less obtrusive and doesn’t have the flappy problem.

I think I’m going to stick with my bare hand for carrying my phone in the future, though — so that I can quickly snap more blog photos for all of you :)

Also. Anthony, why did you make us run so fast?!IMG_4506Maybe it was payback for the delicious dinner we ate last night!kale_brussel_sprout_chicken_salad_DSC0016If you haven’t heard me say it about 10,000 times yet: it’s hot in Nashville right now. So, a cold salad sounded really good. Ever since I saw Brita’s kale and brussel sprout salad, I’ve been thinking about making one myself… and then when I saw THIS kale and brussel sprout salad from Cookie + Kate, I knew it had to happen.kale_brussel_sprout_chicken_salad_DSC0011I was excited to try out a homemade tahini dressing, too! What, your heart doesn’t start racing at the thought of a new salad dressing?kale_brussel_sprout_chicken_salad_DSC0018For once, I stuck to the recipe almost perfectly — except I added some teriyaki-sauce marinated grilled chicken to the mix for some staying power. And I think I added too much salt, though Anthony said it was salted just perfectly. Like running waistbands, salt levels are a very personal thing.

Anyways, this salad was definitely a winner. I’ll probably make it again, and am already thinking of other ways it could be delicious (with dried pineapple? with a runny egg? with pine nuts? roasted peppers? bacon?!!)kale_brussel_sprout_chicken_salad_DSC0004Now that I’ve got tahini dressing down, the sky is the limit. Have a fabulous day — I’ll be back this afternoon with more ramblings!

  • Ever made tahini dressing? Recipe recommendations?
  • Do you run with a belt or armband? What kind?
  • What’s one food you wish you could make yourself? (for me, it’s sushi! argh)

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