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a lovely morning with my kitchen appliances

Hello! This is where I usually share a sunrise photo… but this morning I overslept by just enough to miss out on my scheduled ten-miler. So I used my random 70 minutes of free time to bond with my kitchen appliances instead.

Because what’s better than spending a morning with your blender, bread maker, slow cooker, and (unpictured) mixer?_DSC0003I also threw in a load of laundry. Even though the run didn’t happen, I’m feeling accomplished! :)

I’ll have to wait and see how the slow-cooked curry and cinnamon-date bread turn out, since those take hours to cook. But so far all of my kitchen projects are going well. Look at this banana bread!banana_bread_DSC0017and berry-banana breakfast!raspberry_smoothie_DSC0006I threw some mint from our garden into the mix for a refreshing twist on this raspberry-banana combo. Usually I am a warm oatmeal eater when it comes to breakfast, but the summer heat has me craving smoothies.raspberry_smoothie_DSC0011and craving tacos. (jk, I crave tacos all year long.) Last night some friends met us at Taco Mamacita. Anthony and I went there on his birthday in January, and have been waiting to go back ever since!taco_mamacita_nashville_DSC0019I’ll declare that their corn on the cob is much tastier than their corn off the cob. I think this relates to a physics thing where the cobbed corn can hold more cheese and mayo coating than the off-the-cob variety.taco_mamacita_nashville_DSC0021Hope you enjoyed this random, food-filled post! I’ll let you know how that bread and curry turn out tomorrow — as well as recap this evening’s rescheduled ten-miler, if it happens :). Have a good one!

  • How often do you accidentally oversleep?
  • Corn: on the cob or off?
  • Weirdest ingredient you’ll put in a smoothie?

4 thoughts on “a lovely morning with my kitchen appliances

  1. Corn on the cob is one of the chief delights of summer, which is a pretty nifty season to start with. My grandparents had it growing in the backyard, and didn’t pick it until the water was already boiling.

    Still remember my grandfather (born 1882) talking about “years of corn” (that’s “ears” in mortal parlance).