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i’ll take a loaf of bread and a run please

Hello! How’s your morning going? Mine started dark and early.IMG_4511Thursdays are typically straight-up track days, but this morning I tacked on a few extra miles beforehand since I missed out on my run yesterday. I had meant to do my missed run yesterday evening… but even after I changed into my running clothes I saw the giant loaf of bread I baked and just couldn’t bear to leave the house._DSC0020So, the run didn’t happen which meant Anthony and I got to eat dinner at a normal hour!

I’m not really sure what we ate last night. It started with this recipechickpea_stew_DSC0025which I changed so much that the whole slow-cooker meal went from a simple curry to a complex stew of sorts. I don’t know what I was thinking when I threw all of our leftover groceries into the slow cooker. Items included in this “stew-curry” include chickpeas, carrots, kale, fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, onion, chiles, and a few other lonely veggies I found in the back of our fridge…

The good news is that it actually turned out okay! (Do you like my Baltimore rat glass? Best birthday present ever!)chickpea_stew_DSC0021The secret to success, if you have time: cook your own dried beans instead of opting for canned ones. They taste way softer and really absorb the flavors!chickpea_stew_DSC0022Okay, I was telling you about this morning’s run and then I got sidetracked by the bread again. Sorry. So, yes. This lake shot was somewhere around mile 3, when the sun was finally coming up…IMG_4514At mile 4, I met Anthony who rescued me with some h20.IMG_4517Up next was track! After I bombed last week‘s 4×1200 attempt, I wanted to try again. Even though it was freaking humid outside and I’d already run 4 miles, I felt like I could maybe meet my pace goals?IMG_4523The results: 4:51, 4:53, 4:55, 4:56. All under 5 minutes… I’ll take it! And I’ll take this sunrise too.IMG_4519And now I would like to take a nap but instead I have to take myself to work. Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!!

  • Do you carry water on your runs?
  • Last time you invented a recipe?
  • What’s one thing that distracts you from running? (such as loaves of freshly baked bread)

10 thoughts on “i’ll take a loaf of bread and a run please

  1. hahah. I do that to pretty much every crockpot recipe I ever make. I always end up throwing so much extra stuff in that it doesn’t really resemble what I was originally planning to make. It’s almost always delicious though!

    • that’s the joy of the slow cooker! ps your roasted cabbage looked yummy the other day. never tried that!

  2. Yay on the 1200s! I usually don’t carry water with me unless I’m doing my weekly long run. Anything under 8 miles and I’m usually fine and/or can find a water fountain along my running route in DC.

  3. How long are your rest intervals between 1200s? What do you do then – walk, jog or stand still? Btw, happy belated birthday!

    • fantastic question! per daniels’ formula, i did these at I (interval) pace with a 4-min easy jog between each rep – no walking, no standing still. useful links and an excerpt below:


      “Interval (I) pace
      Intensity at 98-100% HRmax. This intensity stresses the VO2max to raise the maximum oxygen uptake capacity. Since the pace is very intense, it can only be sustained for up to 12 minutes during racing. To cope with the intensity, and to train for longer periods of time, this training is performed as interval training, hence the name. The interval between each work bout should be a little less than the time of the work bout. Optimum intervals are 3–5 minutes long. There is no benefit to exceeding 5 minutes at this pace, under Daniels’ theory, which means that despite the popularity of mile-repeats in many running groups, Daniels discourages them for people whose pace is slower than about 5:00/mile, preferring shorter intervals such as 1200 meters.”

  4. I can see why that bread was/is so distracting..it looks delicious! I’ve gotten distracted by ice cream before, which is a little weird because you need to intentionally open the freezer to see it.

    One trick I’ve used to get myself to run in the evening is to wear a sports bra all day so then by the time evening comes, you’re already halfway dressed. but since the bread stopped you in your running-clad tracks, this trick might not work, haha