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as requested: the story of how anthony and i met.

Happy Friday!_DSC0074Nothing like starting off your morning with some fresh flowers. And some hot coffee! The other day when I wrote about all of my favorite appliances, I left out a major player: our Breville Barista Express!_DSC0053Anthony’s parents were kind enough to give us this as a housewarming gift. Let me say… it makes a mean cup of coffee._DSC0064Never going to Starbucks again! My soy lattes are just as good :)_DSC0067Okay, now that we have our coffee, let’s have a chat. When I asked what you guys wanted to hear about, I got more requests for the story of how Anthony and I met. Since it actually does feature a run, that makes it appropriate for the blog, right? Ha.

The first official time Anthony I met was in January 2010. I went to happy hour with a friend and stopped by her house after to see her new place. We said hello to her roommates (all from Craigslist, a pretty common thing in DC) — one of which was Anthony! Then I went home. The end.

A month or so later, the same friend hosted a potluck dinner at her house. Of course Anthony was there, and so was I… and so were our significant others at the time. I think I remember Anthony being blown away by the delicious homemade pizza bagels I brought (another American phenomenon that he’d never witnessed) while I questioned his music choice for the evening (boy bands galore). Anyways, since we were both taken, we didn’t really share any deep convos or anything. We just shared some pizza bagels and lots of wine with everyone else. The end.

And then about four months later, the same friend invited a group of people to a Nationals game. The people who came were: a married couple, our friend and her boyfriend, and Anthony and me — who were both now single. So basically, a triple date. As you know, baseball games are loooooong and pretty slow. Anthony and I had lots of time to get to know each other!ma5On the long Metro ride home, Anthony asked me if I’d want to run together sometime. Our first non-official date was the next week, when we ran five miles together at 6 a.m. Even though I beat him to the top of the hills a few times (mwhaha), I knew he was a keeper. We took things pretty slow and eventually started dating for real a few months later.

Many more runs and a couple years later, we got engaged!ma8And then we got married. 06-anthony-mary-wedding-111The end.

Have a lovely weekend!

  • How did you and your significant other meet?
  • What kind of coffee machine do you have?
  • Any other topics/stories you want on the blog? Let me know!



12 thoughts on “as requested: the story of how anthony and i met.

  1. aw, thanks for sharing! I love hearing how couples met. Ryan and I were apartment neighbors, and we met the week before grad school started. We met for the first time at 6am on a Friday…we got to the door of the apartment’s fitness center at the same time, and it was LOCKED, so we chatted and went for a run together the next morning. A run was our first date too! :)

  2. Ah I love this story!! It of course caused me to click over to how you got engaged and will read that in a minute. 😉

    Fabio and I met our sophomore year of college (we’ve been together for almost six years!!). He lived next door to my dorm and was in my economics class, so I would go over there for “help.” Ha!

  3. I love “how we met” stories! Our story in a nutshell: I met my husband in a hot tub, and then dated his roommate – scandalous, haha! Now we use an old-school coffee percolator – it is super fast! Your story has me curious about what brought Anthony to the U.S. in the first place? Happy weekend to you!

    • that IS scandalous!! we used to have a bialetti but upgraded to the full on espresso machine. anthony came here around 2007 to study abroad :)