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weekend update: tingly legs and lockland table

How’s your weekend going? My Saturday kicked off with a run with the cowboy above and this Australian below:IMG_4583Anthony and I woke up super early to beat the heat and run with the PR Bandits. I got in a few extra miles before the sun even came up — when it finally did, it was pretty!IMG_4573We did a 14-mile route through East Nashville to downtown all the way to Lipscomb University.IMG_4571After the group finished (mile 14 for them, 16 for me), I tacked on two more miles to make it to 18! Since we’ve had so much suffocating humidity lately, the slightly drier and cooler air felt soooo good.IMG_4586All this running called for a nap, of course. I sort of fell asleep, but had trouble actually napping because my legs were tingling so much — especially my calves. I took some Advil, but they still hurt!

Anyone else have this problem? Tips for how to overcome tingly post-run legs?

The rest of Saturday: Part IVXXIVVII of our endless journey to decorate our home. What’s more impressive: the fact that I finally got a haircut, or the fact that we fit all of Target’s housewares stock into our hatchback?IMG_4596 After such a busy day, knowing that we didn’t have to cook dinner was a treat. I’ve been dying to try out Lockland Table since we moved to East Nashville and was pumped when Anthony made a reservation there for my birthday.P1010876
We started off with some bone marrow and grilled bread. Bone marrow is all the rage lately so I figured we should give it a go. It was good, but I just don’t know how I feel about having a big shin bone in front of me.P1010865 Shin-sational.

After such an unusual starter, we ordered a giant steak and pizza. Classic.P1010869Lockland Table was a winner! One of our favorite East Nashville restaurants so far.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a good rest of the weekend!

  • Ever tried bone marrow?
  • Tips for overcoming tingly post-run legs?
  • What’s your favorite store for home decor?

10 thoughts on “weekend update: tingly legs and lockland table

  1. i always get the tingly legs post long-run and compression socks or calf sleeves always do the trick. i usually wear them for a few hours post-run (or under my work clothes!)

  2. Ossobuco! A great dish to start on the stovetop and then finish in a slow oven for as long as you dare. The marrow is the treat in the middle. Serve with grilled polenta – really just Euro cornpone.

  3. Whoa! Last time I looked you were not running, now you are back at 18! that is impressive! As for tingly legs…..is it tingly in your calves? You may want to be very careful with that, as you do not want it to be compartment syndrome. That is one of the symptoms…..really hoping you do not have that. Your eats as always look yummy!

  4. Homegoods and target! (But that’s because I’m cheap) p.s. I seriously love that top you are wearing for your dinner date!!!!

  5. shin-sational hahaha

    I’ve gotten that post-run leg tingle before; it usually happens to me after long long runs and feels like every particle in my legs is alive and moving around. Kind of like your legs are caffeinated…impossible to sleep!

  6. Y’all look so cute and Anthony’s hair – wow!! It looks super teased in that pic hah. Yah I don’t know about that bone marrow- any good health benefits I wonder?