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weekend recap + the ultimate margarita

Good morning! Hope you enjoyed your long weekend :)IMG_4610It was hard to get back in the 4:45 am groove this morning, but we did it! Anthony headed to the gym while I visited dear Shelby park for a run.IMG_46116.5 miles, with miles 2-5 alternating hard/easy every half mile. The only way to get faster… is to run faster. Let’s hope today’s run pays off come race day(s)!

How was your weekend? After Anthony and I tackled our long run and house chores galore, we headed to my parents’ lake house to say hello and say goodbye (they’re leaving for Europe today for a whole month!)._DSC0104Sunday was pretty rainy, but Monday was perfect lake weather. I made an epic waterproof salad + sandwiches for us to lunch on while we took the boat out for its last summer ride. (ps do you like my dad’s Duck Dynasty t-shirt? sigh.)IMG_4608… and Anthony packed plenty of waterproof beers.PART_1409589566671_20140901_113832
Speaking of alcohol, the main event of the weekend: crafting the Ultimate Margarita. We put two tequilas and two liqueurs to the test!margarita_ingredients_DSC0086_DSC0101Anthony labeled blind taste test cups while we sipped and pondered.2014-08-31 The winning combination: Altos tequila + Triple-Sec! Smooth and perfectly sweet.
In between beers and margs, we also did that running thing. Thank goodness these trails were shaded, because it was another hot one!IMG_4600Best surprise of the weekend: I only got sunburned on half of one arm, and came back with only three bug bites. Successful weekend in my opinion. Hope yours was good!

  • Favorite brand of tequila?
  • How often do you do speed work?
  • Random… do you buy your lunch or pack it?

5 thoughts on “weekend recap + the ultimate margarita

  1. Is 4:45 your wakeup call every day?! You are a champ.

    That looks like such a fun lounging weekend! I went to a lake over the weekend too. Unfortunately, my bug bite situation is worse. I have 3 behind my right ear??

  2. Mary – Your Coach is an Austin, Texas guy, and his Tequila-tinis are Legendary! Use 2 oz’s fresh lime juice, 2 oz Anejo or Reposada Tequila, 1 oz Citronge (smooth orange liqueur) and a splash of Ameretto. Shake with crushed ice, and strain into a chilled, salt rimmed Martini glass – ENJOY!