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track, tortilla, and the time i lived in spain

Back at the old track…IMG_4635with a new pair of shoes! Anthony got me these fun spikeless track shoes for my birthday. They only weigh 4.6 ounces and are super cute! Plus I feel fast (… and thus am fast?) in them.IMG_4634The goal: Five 1000-meter reps at 4 minutes each, with a 3.5-minute slow jog in between. Here’s how I did: 3:59, 4:01, 3:57, 4:07, and 4:03. A little slower at the end, but not bad!IMG_4636For anyone looking to geek out about Jack Daniels’s (the coach, not the whiskey) I-pace intervals, here’s a useful little article.

And for anyone looking to move on from running to other ramblings, let’s talk about dinner last night and the trips that inspired it. Flashback time: In 2008, I decided to fly to Spain and hop on a ten-day bus tour. I didn’t know any of these people when I started the tour, but we had so much fun!
In addition to consuming plenty of wine and sangria during the trip, I was also introduced to the famous Spanish tortilla. I remember the first time I ordered it I thought it would be a “tortilla” like we see here in stores — you know, a little flour- or corn-based thing you roll up and fill with cheese, beans, beef, etc. BUT, it’s basically a giant, thick fried egg-and-potato omelet thing held together with gallons of olive oil. I was pleasantly surprised and confused by it!tortilla
(photo: Smitten Kitchen, whose tortilla turned out a lot better than mine below)

The tortillas (and Spain in general) were so good that I had to come back the following summer for more! I lived with this woman named Pilar in Madrid a couple months in 2009  while I was a magazine intern/student, and she made tortilla dinners at least twice a week.
After my internship ended and Pilar left for her summer vacation (everyone flees Madrid in August), I wasn’t quite ready to go back to the states.

So I went on aupairworld.net and found myself a job (and free lodging) as a nanny. I moved up to a little beach town called Tarragona and lived with a mom, dad, and their FOUR kids. I basically slept in a toy closet, which wasn’t ideal…
BUT at least the ocean views on my runs were beautiful!ocean
Looking after four kids(ages 2, 3, 6, and 9) was pretty fun but also completely exhausting. Most days ended with happy hour with my other au pair friends in the town…
… were we shared sangria and, of course, Spanish tortilla.

Okay, now that the back story has been shared: Last night I decided to cook up tortilla myself!_DSC0003I didn’t use nearly enough oil to make it authentic, but it was still pretty good! I also snuck in some spinach and omitted the wine, cigarettes, and jamon that usually accompany it 😉_DSC0004Anthony thought it was pretty good, too! (I used this recipe as a loose guide but had to freestyle with the oven when my tortilla wouldn’t flip…)

Delicioso._DSC0001Thanks for going around the track and down memory lane with me. See you tomorrow!

  • Have you ever lived abroad?
  • What meal brings back memories for you?
  • Track shoes – have em? Think they make you faster?


12 thoughts on “track, tortilla, and the time i lived in spain

  1. Oh the abroad experience! I lived in Florence for four months in college and loved every moment of it. I would go back to Europe in a heartbeat!

  2. This is crazy — I also moved to Spain in 2009 to be an Au Pair for the summer. I was in Getxo (outside of Bilboa) with a family that had four kids… I didn’t sleep in a toy closet though, I just kicked the youngest boy into his brother’s room.

    • crazy – i wasn’t too far away! i wanted to go to bilboa but was nowhere near being able to speak catalan.

  3. Ah, memory lane! I wore track spikes for high school track, I think I’d look pretty crazy wearing them now at my current (slow!) pace, haha! And I did a portion of el camino de santiago after college – Spain is so beautiful!

    • we really want to do that! before we got jobs in nashville we were going to do el camino this summer. even bought the backpacks! one day :)

  4. That was fun to read! You’re so adventurous; I’m not sure I could just up and visit/move to a diffferent country alone; actually, I know I couldn’t because I would probably get lost on my way to the airport.

    I’ve never lived abroad, but I’m going to canada this weekend