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cleveland and salmon in a single post.

Greetings from CLE!IMG_4666Cleveland has been good to me so far. (I’m in Cleveland for a work conference btw, for anyone wondering why the heck I’m here)

Amazingly cool weather and nice, flat streets. Perfect for an easy run! I created an on-the-spot route that started downtown and headed east on Superior (I love running east first — right into the sunrise!)IMG_4655Then, I hopped over the river to get a good view of the city.IMG_4660I ran around the Westside market, which was receiving early-morning shipments of fresh fruit, fish, and more. Must come back here for lunch! :) Maybe I can get a sandwich to go and eat it on this abandoned plaid loveseat.IMG_4661After touring Ohio City, I ran back across another bridge — so many bridges here! — to say hello to this man.IMG_4665Even though I had no idea where I was going, I must have looked like a local because I got stopped for directions twice on my run. Ha.

Thumbs up for Cleveland so far!IMG_4658So, how was the rest of your weekend?

Anthony and I were going to end ours with a casual dinner out somewhere, but then decided we’d rather splurge on some nice seafood to cook at home instead.pecan_crusted_salmon_DSC0051This salmon recipe has been one of my all-time favorites for years. It’s pretty much the only way I cook salmon.

I also fired up the Weber like a true modern woman. To grill some… OKRA! pecan_crusted_salmon_DSC0057A side of a rice/quinoa/lentil blend brought it all together… for under $20! I love a nice meal out, but I’m also content making something just as good (or DARE I say, better?) at home. I think this is a sign of getting old and grumpy.pecan_crusted_salmon_DSC0054My only complaint about cooking at home: having to do dishes. Maybe next time you’ll see this salmon served atop paper plates with a plastic fork…

See you from C-Town tomorrow.

  • Cook at home, or go out?
  • Favorite way to cook salmon?
  • Recommendations for things to do/eat/see in Cleveland?!

7 thoughts on “cleveland and salmon in a single post.

  1. Hurray for the Land of Cleve!
    Well, the R&R Hall of Fame is a pretty obvious attraction. I went in skeptical but was won over. Lady Gaga’s meat suit, that sort of thing.

  2. Yay Ohio! As much as I love the state, I haven’t spent much time in Cleveland. Rock & Roll hall of fame is all I can think of. I think I prefer to eat in too…way cheaper! (usually)

  3. Cleveland! For running check out the metro parks, or if you want to do an architecture tour then run on Fairmount blvd to see all the historic homes. For eating: Tommy’s on Coventry is a classic, Melt is the local grilled cheese joint, for fancier times Lolita is good. Treehouse or Great Lakes brewing co for happy hours. Great Lakes has a really nice tasting flight that’s not too expensive. Definitely go back to the west side market if you get a chance. Eat ALL the pastry and at least one pizza bagel. Oh, god, the pizza bagels. Enjoy!