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CLE part II

Good morning! How about a nice foamy latte to start off the day?_DSC0092I went to Erie Island Coffee yesterday for breakfast, and their offerings didn’t disappoint! _DSC0091This morning I just might need to head back for Erie Island Round II. After a long and sort of boring treadmill run, a big egg sandwich is sounding pretty good right now.

Not too boring of a run, though. I was asleep for the first few miles, had some girl time with Florence + the Machine and Ellie Goulding for a while, and then watched this random guy in cowboy boots go around and take professional photos of the weights room for a few minutes until hotel security came and kicked him out. Random.IMG_4669I don’t love running on treadmills, but they sure are nice when it’s too dark to run outside! Plus… I saw the sign (that was an Ace of Base reference).IMG_4673Don’t mind if I do.IMG_4672Hopefully tomorrow my conference will start a little later so that I can 1) get some sleep and 2) get outside for a run!

I did manage to see a bit more of Cleveland yesterday after the conference came to a close. My coworkers and I headed to Market Square for the conference “pub crawl,” which I’m putting in sarcastic quotes because I was back in my room and in bed by 10 pm.IMG_4663We started at Great Lakes Brewing Co — one of Anthony’s and my favorites! great_lakes_brewing_cleveland_DSC0093 I started with an amber lager. Yum._DSC0095We checked out some of the other bars in the area, all of which had discounts and free food for conference attendees! That’s my style. This pizza hit the spot…_DSC0099and then we were ready to hit the road back to the hotel. Looking forward to another day of fun!

  • Favorite 90s band?
  • Treadmills: love em or hate em?
  • Any more tips for Cleveland sights/eats? I’ve got a couple days left!

2 thoughts on “CLE part II

  1. I’m loving that you are in the CLE! You hit up some great spots (and are a little brave to go running by yourself there).
    I wish I had read this yesterday – if there is any chance, go to Lakewood! Detroit Ave has some fun spots and I used to LOVE running there and along the lakeshore when I lived there.

  2. Mary,
    Across from Great Lakes Brewing Co. near the West Side Market is the Thai restaurant that we ate at with your folks the last time they were in Cleveland. You should check it out. I still say that a must see and do is Murry Hill/Little Italy. The smells and the shops and little art galleries are just toooooooo much fun! Wish we could catch up!