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Bread making has become one of my favorite hobbies since I got a bread maker and my life changed forever a few months ago. Nothing’s better than making a giant beautiful loaf of bread, and sometimes a slice is just so good that I have to share it with y’all.homemade_grain_bread__DSC0074So, I’m starting a blog series based on BREAD. Up first: King Arthur’s Harvest Grains loaf!homemade_grain_bread_DSC0062This loaf was a big experiment because it was my debut appearance in the dried milk and raw wheat gluten category. We’ve had some loaves on the drier/denser side lately, and I’d read that a small amount of both of these ingredients could really make your bread light and fluffy. (I got Bob’s Red Mill vital wheat gluten and Organic Valley dried milk at Whole Foods, by the way)

As you can see, it worked — my bread was bustin’ out of its pan!homemade_grain_bread__DSC0065
As a beginner bread maker, I’ve found that flour makes allll the difference when it comes to getting a high-quality loaf. White Lily and King Arthur are the best so far! They tend to perform (i.e., rise) best with the yeast.

For this loaf, I stuck to the KA recipe pretty closely — but did throw in a few sunflower seeds and ground flax seeds for a bit more texture. Didn’t seem to weigh down the dough too much at all.homemade_grain_bread__DSC0070I also followed the recipe and let my dough “double-rise”(once in the machine, once on my warm and sunny patio with a damp cloth) before putting it in a loaf pan and baking it. This method seemed to work really well.

The result — very chewy, fluffy, and slightly grainy bread! Next time I might toss in more nuts and grains to see if I can get the loaf even more textured. I love a good crunch in my toast… don’t you?homemade_grain_bread__DSC0077I hope you’ve enjoyed this carb-tastic journey as much as I have so far. I’ll let you know when the next loaf is ready!

4 thoughts on “carb-tastic chronicles part 1: king arthur harvest grains bread

  1. So jealous you have access to White Lily! DC seems to be too far north (something I never thought I’d say!) to find this flour that is so beloved in the south! I really like to make biscuits with it. A great flour!