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life fitness, fog, and food trucks

Another early morning with Life Fitness…IMG_4686Half-mile warm up. Two miles at 6:53 pace. Two minutes standing rest. Two more miles at 6:53 pace. Half-mile cool down. Done! I really don’t like the treadmill but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Since my run didn’t make for many good photos, here are some shots from Anthony’s foggy adventures in Nashville!20140909_071340Isn’t that crazy? I wish I had been able to attend our usual Tuesday run together this week. (ps I need a Samsung Galaxy so I can take photos like his :) )20140909_071358Nashville might have been foggy yesterday, but Cleveland was looking pretty clear! After a day of learning sessions and seminars, the conference ended with a day at Jacobs Pavilion._DSC0005There were food trucks galore, and we got a ton of tickets to try them all! My favorite, by far, was these fish tacos._DSC0008Up close and personal:_DSC0009Most of the trucks served sandwiches and/or tacos, but there was one truck dishing out sushi! Yes please._DSC0012Jacobs Pavilion is a pretty cool spot — gorgeous views right on the water._DSC0015The evening ended with a performance from 1964, apparently the #1 Beatles tribute band in the world. They were so fun!_DSC0019Rock on.

  • Favorite Beatles song?
  • How do you cope with treadmill running?
  • iPhone 6 or the Galaxy S5?!

5 thoughts on “life fitness, fog, and food trucks

  1. the bridge picture would make a really good creative writing prompt photo!

    I usually cope with treadmill running by doing speedwork. it’s still terrible, but a little less terrible

  2. Hey Mary, Missed running “The Nasty” with you this morning…weather was actually not too horrible and a bit of a breeze at the end ! I used to run on treadmills all the time and by myself alot more…i’d rather run outdoors anyday , but I embrace it when the weather is not good! It does keep me going at a pace if I am tired and unmotivated! But Running outdoors and with others is way better ! Those fish tacos and sushi looks incredibly yummy !!

  3. I did my first hill repeats today! I thought this should be shared with the minutespermile viewing audience.

    Also, Blackberry, all the way. I’m bringing it back.