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final scenes from Cleveland

My morning included one last run through Cleveland!IMG_4694The weather was sort of weird today — the skies were heavy, cold, and very windy. I started running across the bridge, but so much dirt blew into my eyes that I had to turn around!IMG_4692I kept it short and sweet — about 4 easy miles. Said a little prayer every time I saw a flag today.IMG_4699Though I’ve mostly been eating conference fare (packaged sandwiches, lukewarm coffee… you know the drill), my team and I were able to enjoy a few dining adventures. First up, a breakfast at Urban Farmer.

This farm-to-table spot had a warm, rustic ambiance that made everything feel so… cozy. And funky, at the same time!urban_farmer_clevelandThe food just made me feel good. urban_farmer_cleveland_DSC0026As the conference came to a close last night, a final celebration was in order. We didn’t have time to venture out to any of the recommendations from you guys (next time!!) but were pretty pleased with The Greenhouse Tavern on East 4th.

I started with a delicious herb-packed cocktail…greenhouse_tavern_cleveland_DSC0034It was the perfect punch of sweet to pair with a shared round of salty fries :)greenhouse_tavern_cleveland_DSC0037I got a lamb burger. It was so good that I stopped by the kitchen on the way out to thank the chef! Sometimes a good Yelp review just isn’t enough.greenhouse_tavern_cleveland_DSC0042And now, I’m off to Nashville! Thanks for showing me a good time, CLE.