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what do you eat before a run?

Happy Friday! No running photos for you today (resting up for a long run tomorrow), but I do have a running question that Anthony and I randomly discussed this morning.

What do you eat before a run?

A lot of my running buddies go for the classic peanut butter + banana or peanut butter + toast. I don’t know why (maybe the high fat content?) but peanut butter makes me queasy on a run. I’m a fan of plain old toast. With a bit of butter and jam! And a side of coffee.homemade breadOther things I’ve heard people eat before a run: Clif bars, yogurt, dates/raisins, Gu, bagels, eggs, and nothing. What about you?!

And the best thing to eat after a run: pizza and/or Mexican food. Speaking of Mexican food… here’s an overload of tortillas etc from the past week. First, a dinner on the patio of Rosepepper Cantina last night!rosepepper_cantina_nashville_DSC0050Look who’s back._DSC0052I got a massive plate of fajitas. I think this is the first time in history I actually had to surrender and take some home in a to-go box.rosepepper_cantina_nashville_DSC0055Mo’ Mexican: the other night, my friend Tracee and her husband invited us over for a fiesta! What a treat. _DSC0022We started off with an herby green gazpacho._DSC0024Up next: beef carnitas! These were perfectly spicy and a little smoky — and wonderfully crunchy thanks to the cabbage slaw._DSC0028-002Lastly, some homemade chile-chocolate ice cream!_DSC0033Not only is Tracee an impressive cook, but she’s also a talented singer/songwriter. Check out her music here!

Happy listening and have a lovely weekend :)

  • Do you sing/play an instrument?
  • Ever made homemade ice cream?
  • What do you eat before a run?!


13 thoughts on “what do you eat before a run?

  1. I avoid peanut butter before a run but love it after. I like a 1/2 cup of coffee and a clif bar and a banana.

  2. yeah, i cant do anything with high fat content before a run! And i love Oatmeal…but that is not great for me before either. But peanut butter is great after. I stick with things that digest easy and quick like a banana, coffee, or picky bar or 1/2 power bar…

  3. I know I should eat before a run, but it’s sort of a chore for me. If it’s the weekend and I have plenty of time before my run, I’ll eat a banana, toast, or something similar (basically something that won’t be sitting in my stomach but will still fill me up). If it’s a weekday though and I don’t have much time (i.e., it’s 5:30 am and I’m basically still asleep) I will either have nothing or a handful of nuts. I know I should be better about this, but it’s hard!

    • eh, for easy shorter runs (less than 60 minutes) sometimes i just bolt out the door without eating anything. i think there’s some study that says that’s okay… ?

  4. chili-chocolate ice cream??
    I started as a music major but switched out of that pretty quickly….wayyy too much alone time with an instrument

    i eat a chunk or two of bagel before I run–I always have a bag of bagels in my fridge with all of the bagels ripped into bite-size pieces, haha. usually plain, but sometimes with pb or jelly to change it up. my dad’s pre-run food is 2 eggo waffles with nutella. i can handle pb, but i think pre-run nutella would make me queasy

  5. I haven’t dropped by in awhile, I like your blog design! I’ve been doing a couple of slices of toast with strawberry preserves, but I try to eat a good hour in advance. Post-race I love a big massive brunch, but Mexican is good too!

  6. Pre-run: I like to eat a bagel with Peanut butter and a little Jelly. Maybe a little cereal and like half a banana. Try to drink fluids too – And of course 1/2 cup coffee! This is like an hour before I actually start running, I can’t stand eating or drinking right before I run.

    Post-run: Whatever I can get my hands on! Usually breakfast foods if its still morning or I might do a sandwhich or something. Leftovers are awesome.

    Post-RACE: Okay, for some crazy reason, I crave horrible food that I usually don’t eat: Big juicy burgers, pizza (like, papa johns – not the fancy kinds), and fried stuff (mmmm Mozarella sticks).