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14 miles + 100 wings

It’s about 65 degrees here and we are loving it. Perfect running weather! We met up with the PR Bandits for another early-o’clock run yesterday.IMG_4710I took things down a notch this week to “only” 14 miles. The focus was on speed — hence this blurry on-the-run photo.IMG_4723When we ran by the giant sunflower-covered wall of Import Flowers, though, I had to stop!IMG_4732 Fun fact: This shop did the awesomely funky flowers for our wedding.13-anthony-mary-wedding-055Okay, back to the run. Before we knew it, 14 miles was up — and we were hitting sub-8:00/miles toward the end! First goal of the day achieved.

Second goal of the day: eat as many wings as possible at the Music City Hot Wing Festival! I was gifted some tickets to the event and pretty pumped to attend — though I think Anthony (who loves wings) was even more excited.music_city_hot_wing_festival_DSC0083The event was just across the river in Public Square Park. About 15 wing restaurants/groups and 15 or so breweries were there to fuel the fun. Plus live music, too!music_city_hot_wing_festival__DSC0104We started off with a few drink samples…music_city_hot_wing_festival__DSC0086And then got started on some WINGS! Per reader recommendations, I headed straight to Brother Z’s Wang Shack.music_city_hot_wing_festival__DSC0096Loved their country fried wing — the homestyle one was pretty good, too!music_city_hot_wing_festival__DSC0099I think our favorite wing, though, came from N.W.O (New Wing Order). This extremely enthusiastic bunch of wing masters doesn’t actually own a restaurant, but are considering getting a food truck! That is a wonderful idea.music_city_hot_wing_festival__DSC0112I got their hot chicken wing (which almost set my mouth on fire) and then sampled a couple others later, all of which were wing-tastic. Anthony and I decided the meat quality of NWO is what really set them apart. I hope they won the wing competition — I don’t think the results are out yet!music_city_hot_wing_festival__DSC0113And one of our favorite brews – Turtle Anarchy! This Franklin-based brewery is owned by three brothers who are clearly passionate about their beverages.music_city_hot_wing_festival__DSC0090After a couple hours, we were winged out. Fun event!IMG_4734
After my second nap of the day it was time for another adventure: a NEEDTOBREATHE concert! IMG_4738We had an awesome time rocking out with this band. The lead singer has such a good voice!

Running, wings, beer, TWO NAPS, a concert, AND awesome weather? That was fun.

Have a good Sunday!

  • Last concert you went to?
  • Wings: Spicy hot, smoky, or sweet?
  • How many 20+ milers do you do before a marathon?

5 thoughts on “14 miles + 100 wings

  1. I’m currently training for my first marathon, and my training plan only has us running one 20-miler. But I did get in 19.5 yesterday, a new PDR!

  2. How fun and I am loving your hair in the picture with Anthony! Hooray for 2 naps! For MCM I have three 20 milers and one 23 miler. I’m kinda digging it though – it makes 26 miles seem less daunting when you know you’ve done 20+ miles four times already. Ain’t no thang right?